Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet another contest

I've been busy, really busy. Been shooting with pirates down in Italy and we haven't been blessed with internet connection for over a week. So if it's not my fault, I'm not gonna feel bad for not updating. That makes sense, right?

What you can do though, in stead off thinking that Italy story was a lame excuse, is to enter a web page which is magically linked through the pic below and enter the king of S.N.O.W contest to win some sick K2 Auto bindings. Those bindings are so sick, thumbs up from other pros riding for other companies (so naturally no names being mentioned here, gonna keep this classy) who tried my board for sidesliping inruns in the spaghetti backcountry.

The trick you have to copy is a frontside bardslide to fakie (not this pic though, that's a fs tail wheelie rocker binding cozy slash with a sweet mustasche, but I guess you knew that already), you can easily pull that off and win those bindings.

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