Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jib Trip

Back from the jib trip with the Russians. Yet again we were bitch-slapped in the face by plus-degrees. The temperature had transformed the snow in to a crusty layer of white wetness. We did manage to get some shots though. Filming jibs is fun because you never have to hike more than a couple of meters and the landing doesn't get fucked up if someone fucks up and land on some body parts in stead of the board. The problem with jibs though is that they tend to be hard on knees, and they gave my knees a little beating the other day. No biggie though, just a small owie that let's me take a couple of days off. Landing flat from house drops is so lame, have to stop doing that and try to hit the landings in stead.

This is what Russians do at house parties, Roshambo where the loser gets a little smack on the forehead, it's very classy.

Passing the Russians on the highway, classy.

Forest wallpaper, Lev is a wolf, aoooooooo

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