Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aloha from Serbia

Sitting in the reception of our hotel in Kapaonik, Serbia. It's snowing like hell outside and I'm a bit bummed that the breakfast buffet ran out of coffee too early. But it's all good, the hotel got small cafes all over the place and getting a nice cup of coffee will set me back about 1 Euro or something like that.
Serbia is a lot different than I thought it would be, even though we hear stories about landmines in the back country and a Tomahawk missile hitting the top of the mountain a couple of years ago, I have nothing but good stuff to say about Serbia. This place is so much fun. Good and greasy food (damn greasy actually, going on a diet when I get back home) and friendly people. They play a lot of techno music though, luckily I have developed an effective defense system for that, my ears usually block it out right away.
But speaking of music, we did a demo show yesterday. Usually on events like that they play music that pisses me of and makes sure that I'm everything but stoked to drop in. It's kinda like going to a wedding and the only music they play is depressive Emo crap, just doesn't work. But here they actually played metal, so fucking cool! Dropping in to Ratamahata by Sepultura beats dropping in to some lame electronica bullshit any day.

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