Friday, February 6, 2009

Austrian hospital trip

Long time since the last blog post, it haven't exactly been easy getting stuff out. I'm now on a internet connection that makes a dial-up seem like the future of communication technology.
I'm in Austria and I'm shooting, trying to milk whatever is left of the last snowfall. We managed to get some decent looking kickers and got some cool tricks down. The bad part about the kicker is that they are taking out our riders like drunk flies. In 2 days 2 of our riders had to go to the hospital, Teo Konttinen even had to be picked up by helicopter. We were worried he had fucked himself up seriously and it didn't get better when he managed to utter "I think I have broken my back". Turned out the back wasn't broken after all and he's walking now, it takes him about 2 minutes to get out of bed but at least it's nothing serious. I guess he just got himself the mother of all bruises.
Osa, one of the Russian Pirate riders, overshot a kicker today and dislocated his shoulder. He got his arm in a sling but he's smiling, takes more than a dislocated shoulder to take a Kamchatkan bear out. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, hope that that will be the last hospital visit for our crew this trip.

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