Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How about some pics?

Here you go, these are all from my telephone picture taking machine.
Random shots from the season.

Austria's version of 7-11, a 24-7 milk machine that will serve you fresh milk right out of a stinky barn. Good thing because Dimi gets really thirsty from wearing those pants all day.

This doesn't even need a funny caption.

Speaking of thirsty, at the Wängel Tängel contest in Austria we made Niki Korpela drink as much as he could out of this bottle in one sip. The greedy little bastard finished the whole bottle.

Before Niki drank his bottle he made a bet with Ethan. Ethan had to drink at least the same or more than Niki or else he had to pee his pants, a sophisticated game really. Well, he chugged a bottle of red wine.. He got kinda silly after that.

This is Eirik Haugo's gangsta pose, it scares white people enough to leave their wallets.

Politically uncorrect candy in Serbia, it's called African - Serbian candy you silly Serbians.

If you use a stamp while wearing an Airblaster Ninjasuit in Serbia you will burn.

After I used this toilett it flushed it self and flew away, Amsterdam airport is next level.

Dimi's backing skills are somewhat less than perfect.

Gangsta pose from Kamchatka, Russia. Fuck dogs, crabs is where it's at. Fuck snoop, it's all about Clamp Crabby Crabb, the C-r-a doubble Bizzle with his mind on the Rubel and the Rubel on his mind.

This is Satan's footprint in a church in Munich, and that's Juuso's foot in a church in Munich. They are the same size but I doubt ol' Belzebub was wearing white loafers.

Going back from Munich, Juuso was scared he pissed satan of and went a bit faster than usual.

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