Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Good old slimy, wet and grey November.
Yesterday I gave life back to this blog, and today I'm having trouble  coming up with stuff to write about. What a great start!

I am slowly starting to remember why I put this MegaByte-occupier to sleep in the first place,  trying to come up with something interesting is actually pretty damn hard.

A slow start is probably the easiest way out; here are some things that I have done this week.

I watched Skeleton Crew 3: Media Offline which will be online for 24 hours, which means you should check it out now.

SKELETON CREW - MEDIA OFFLINE - FULL MOVIE from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

If you're not able to watch it, I guess you just have to go ahead and buy it, 'cause it was damn good and you were too late to see it within their strict time-limit.

I had a pleasant hour-long chat with Kim "The Butcher" Schreiner online. It turns out that we are both fond of Those Poor Bastards, drawing, pens, coffee, beer, knives, straight airs, non-double-corks, Larry the penguin's riding, Videograss, dark art, symbols that we feel we can't use because nazis used them, Scott Steven's riding and a lot more. Hmm.. I think we are soon best friends, I just have to wait and see if he's a cat or dog person.
Pirate Drawing by The Butcher

My buddies Odde and Forni are going to start their own home brewery, first batch of India Pike Ale will be ready before Christmas and I'm contemplating a beer strike until I get to try one. Anyway, I made a label for them.

It looks like this will be my first beverage sponsor!

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