Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The snow hasn't been able to cover the dead leaves that currently reminds us that it's still fall. People are probably stressing out already though. Ceveral places over in the US got a nice start to their season already, and I'm sure we will also get our start soon enough.

In the mean time you can pretend like this was a great transition over to this product placement.

The new SPY + Danny Larsen goggle!
To sum up the idea behind the goggle is that I wanted to do a grim reaper goggle. I don't know much about art, so I have no idea what the technique is called, but everything is made by small lines. another fun fact is that the trees in the background are from Darkthrone's Panzerfaust. If you happen to know who Darkthrone is, or even better, if you like Darkthrone, I'm sure that is piece of information you will appreciate.

Details of Ol'death

Head over to SPY + and read more about the goggle and the marshall frame

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