Sunday, December 14, 2008

A day in Austrian mountains

Today I woke up by a gentle knock on the door as Flo the pirate filmer violently pulled me out of a magical dream land. After a hard day of shoveling, hiking, riding and crashing you really appreciate those few hours behind shut eyes.
Unfortunately Sani caught a cold or something the previous day and couldn't join us, so Flo, Carlos and I headed out to meet up with Gigi to do a little secret spot. See, that's the thing, you kinda want to keep what you're doing a secret so it will be a surprise when the pics and film clips come out in about a years time. Damn we're a secret future-orientated society, like a mix between Star Wars and the freemason society. The spot we had planned and already built the day before definitely needed some more fine tuning. Both of our first tries looked and felt like high speed collisions. So we fixed and hit it while the wind was trying to knock us over everytime we stood up. It was like a storm up there, hurricane Austrina, definitely making everything way more sketchy than it already was.
I wish I could show you some pics of the actual session, but the high priest of shrediquette has a bunch of unwritten rules about stuff like that, so you'll have to wait, check out our film in October 09 in stead.

Here's some pics Carlos Blanchard took while we were cruising around doing some fun stuff while waiting for the wind to calm the fuck down.

Gigi and I hanging out on a bunch of bricks.

Power stance, wind in hair, I 'm basically a music video right there.

The OK signal which means "are you ready for this sick shit Carlos?"

Carlos was ready and BOOM! banger shot!! I stomped the hell out of this one.

This is our office.

These are without the best pics on the blog so far. Shitloads of thanks to Carlos Blanchard for these Damned Danny's Days visual aid's.

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gaupster said...

stilig danny!

kaller det å skritche når du tar wheelie ned fra ting, som du kunne gjort der.

fin jakke forresten!