Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday bloody sunday.

Been up since 6 A.M, trying to read up before an exam. It's a great feeling of accomplishment when you have done control questions for two big and heavily theoretically chapters before 8 A.M and on only one cup of coffee.

Anyway, I'm starting to to feel like having a break soon, not right now (well obviously I have a small break to write this), so I was thinking I might hit up my local hill Kirkerud.
I have to wait until 11 o'clock because that's when they open. It's gonna be a fun little break, good to get out a bit and enjoy yourself after tormenting your soul with horrible formulations, academic language and theories conjured out of thin air (or so it seem at least). I don't get why
more people don't do this. I understand that it's expensive to get out there but it's so much fun and exercise at the same time.. Wow, that really made me sound like a lame old fart, "fun and exercise."
What I meant to say; It's like totally awesome brah, shreddin' the gnar and work that bod yo! Get all radical for the honeys wit' some sweeeeeet moves, ya heard!

This is Kirkerud, this is where I'm going to get my shred on, cowabunga.
Actually that pic is pretty cool, I have to go there tomorrow morning and take a pic at 6 a.m or something, definitely worth it. Click the pic to see a updated pic, if you look like around 11 o'clock you actually might see me, look out for me, I'm the only dude who's done with puberty and on a snowboard there.

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