Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Days in Austria

I guess the last days in Austria is what drained all the energy out of me. I had a bunch to catch up on and that made it hard to locate any motivation to update this blog, even if I had a magical motivation GPS.

The last days of my Austria trip was spent in an awesome place called Def Raggn in East Tirol. After hanging out in the Innsbruck / Arlberg area for a while, we decided that we would most likely be better off in East Tirol where it had been snowing like hell and people had been living without a connection to the outside world for a couple of days due to the heavy snowfall. When we got there we were so fucking happy to see how much snow they had, an immediate feeling of having made the right decision.
But here's the kind gnarly part of our stay. We stayed in an old hunters cabin, a pretty nice touch to our mountain trip really, beside the fact that it was fucking freezing. The lack of electricity, water and heating seem to do that to old uninsulated mountain cabins. To be fair, we had some heating in the kitchen, a small fire stove that we tried to keep going continuously without any luck. So all my clothes and boots stayed nice and wet/damp the whole trip which turned my boardbag into a biological bomb when it finally hit the airport after 4 days of heavy bacteria colonizing. I seriously hope some of the airport security staff opened it to do a closer inspection, it would be a nice payback for all the hassle they give me each time I fly.
But let's get back to the cabin.
Before I went to sleep each day I would get in my sleeping bag still wearing my smelly super-underwear and a beanie, zip it all up while I put on a blanket. In the light of four candles or Carlos' headlight I would get a heavy and warm duvet and put it on top. The next morning I would wake up with frost smoke and see that the snow we managed to drag in the night before was still powder even if it spent a night in our room.

Here's a small sketch I did of our cabin, if your press the pic it will magically get bigger and easier to read.

But fuck all of that, we had a great time.
The forest had lots of pow and we got to hit pillows, shoot and cruise pow, then it's ok to smell like bear poo mixed with an old man's locker room.

Here are some pics from our trip.

This is the guys I went there with, a sketchy bunch of dudes.

Carlos Blanchard, a bitter and unfriendly amigo.

Don't fucking mess with Flo Eckhardt.

Sani Alibabic has seen more darkness than thou.

I wouldn't mess with Marco Feichtner either.

With a guest appearance by war-face Louie Purucker.


Flo getting the shot, 16 mm all the way baby.

Wow! Sani catching some mad air yo! From pillow on the left to pillow on the right.

Sani being a Sasquatch

Marco punishing pillows

Thanks people at Def Raggn!

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