Monday, December 1, 2008

Holga pics

Here are some Holga shots I took last season.

Cory Little and Kevin Winkel blocking the view during my first baseball game ever. I ate a Chillidog, had beer, heckled the batter, got a foam hand and saw a homerun.. Didn't get to sing along to "let's go to the ballpark" or whatever it's called.

Kevin shoots beer cans from his porch, damn no-good empty beer cans!

Fucking beer cans, get of my property!

Getting ready to shoot in one of my favorite places to shoot, Røldal in Norway.. Norway can be pretty depressing every now and then. Kinda hard to tell from this pic, but it is.

Tyler Chorlton, Carlos Blanchard and Gigi Rüf are rolling an enormous snowball bigger than the one Flo Eckhardt is posing by. We did tricks on that pole sticking out of the house.

Tj Schneider straight-lining a pretty flat field one foot. He did a ballerina move the second after my shutter clicked.

Driving to Cooke city, funky colors, Holga does those funny things every now and then.

A little collage of pics I took of Gigi and Tyler.

Gigi waiving in Alrberg, besides waiving he's pretty good at riding in Arlberg too.

Kalle Ohlson and his nosespray, the best pic of last season.

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