Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gonna snowboard today.

Planning to do handplants.
It's good to have a plan, it makes everything more efficient.
Fuck fun and creativity.
Speaking of fun and creativity, if you're into that stuff and like snowboarding as well, I suggest you check out the snowboard realms.
TJ Schneider (who actually got a cameo part in my part this year) has just launched the second season of the snowboard realms. It looks like a new season of shred fun with herr Schneidermeier, you even have the chance to to hook up with him and get your face in one of the episodes.

So press the pic and go to

These are my seconds of fame in snowboard realms last year. No snow don't stop us, we had taken no control pills for a week before we shot this. I tried to take som loose goose injections to even it out, but it didn't work. Next time I'll just slap on a silly willy patch.

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