Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jetlag fuelled insomnia

It's 4 in the morning, been wide awake for 2 hours and no chance in hell of getting back to sleep.
Drew from the pirate crew came in about an hour ago, he said that he had been handcuffed for no apparent reason and the officers threatened to put him in jail because he was pissed off that they handcuffed him. They had a suspicion that Drew and 9 of his friends had found the time to break in to a car while going home from a party in a taxi. Sounds quite logical to me, take a taxi home from a party, stop for 5 minutes to break into a car while the meter is running and continue in the same taxi to an afterparty where your friends that you're with live. I'm so happy that cops back home treat you as a suspect instead of a criminal if they believe you have done something illegal.
Well, end of story is that they threatened to put him in jail if he ever opened his mouth to a LAPD again, nice.

We on the other hand had a nice and quite evening. Had a dinner in Venice together with some friends of Sani. After we were done eating, Sani's face suddenly turned hot red, his eyes started watering up and he lost feeling in his arms, not the perfect reaction to a good meal. He started swaying a bit from side to side while he told us what was pretty fucking obvious, he was not feeling very well. It was really scary actually, he said his heart started pumping like crazy and he felt his face getting super warm. That's also the first time he ever reacted like that to any kind of food. So we payed and discussed whether we should go to the hospital or not. Sani is a man so he went with the good ol' "I'll try to sleep it off" routine.S We got back in that car and got a ride back when I started to fee really fucking warm as well, by the time I got out of the car Kalle said something in the lines of "holy fuck your face is red!" Then the headache kicked in, my eyes went red and I started feeling rather shitty. When I got into my room I saw that my upper torso also had turned into an interesting mix of Norwegian pale and British sunburned red. The fucked part is that both Sani and I had the same Tuna dish. I have no idea what they put in that dish, but I'm never going back, that's for sure. I wonder what the hell that was, at least I'm feeling better now though.

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