Monday, November 10, 2008

it's pouring down.

Norway isn't exactly pretty in the fall.
Imagine that you eat a gallon of gray oil paint, 1 pound of dead leaves, digest it for about 5 hours and puke it up while it's raining. That's pretty much what our reality looks like up here and it's not doing wonders for my mood. I have pulled the drapes. I'm also going to put on some music and make a cup of coffee, it's just a matter of blocking reality while I get some work done at home. Escaping reality is what Norway is all about in the fall.

This is my local hill Kirkerud at its current state.

But who the fuck cares anyway? I'm leaving for LA tomorrow and I'm happy that my snowboard season has started even though it's mainly a promo tour for Overseas. It's gonna be a week filled up with cruising around in California and I'm pretty stoked. The end of our tour will be a 3 day premier/shred session up in Mammoth. Mammoth is great, they got snow already, check out this video I stole from some friends, pretty radical.

Mammoth Opening Week from Some dudes that I know on internet video site.

The action at 1:24 looks pretty sketchy, but damn it looks fun. Isn't that the song that the uncle in Home Alone sings in the shower, you know, the one that Macklukli Cucklin's character records and plays when he's moving that inflatable clown around in the shower to scare of that dude in the New York hotel?

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