Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Hot Right Now, no wait, so hot right then I mean.

So hot right now!
It's funny how that has turned in to a normal saying, is it all because of Will Ferrel's character in Zoolander? What's his name again, Mugatu, Mugato? Anyway, sooooo hot right now.

Method mag did a So hot right now check out with me some years ago and I just found it on the web, I love finding old stuff like that! It's a sick video, Opening part by Jules Reymond and closer by me, Markus Keller is the middle seat bitch on this one. It's a fun little film, I just wished I knew how many years ago this was, I'm guessing 48 years ago..

Wait, I think it was 4 years, anyway, press that picture of me to check it out.

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Fredrik said...

småesoterisk med en 48-referanse..:-D