Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transworld Web interview

I'm fucking over-compensating for the lack of posts lately, I'm spamming my own blog.
Well, I got a lot on my mind and really don't want to sit down and study for an exam.
I better though, all of that stuff is still Greek to me, let's make that Chinese, even harder.

Anyway, when I was over in California I got to stop by the Transworld office to do a web interview.
If you think that could be somewhat interesting I urge you to fucking click that pic of me in the Folgefonna sunset and check it out/check es aus (German is easier than both Greek and Chinese).
To those of you that came to my blog from the Transworld site, I guess this is not news to you, but that's reality, sometimes life gives you shit apples.

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