Sunday, August 10, 2008

13th floor club introduced me to the Urges + ducks!

We have a pretty cool thing club-thingy here in Norway called 13th floor club Oslo. They make sure that people who enjoy 60's garage and psychedelic rock get their fix.
Yesterday they put The Urges from Ireland on stage. A brilliant band that I had never heard of before and I guess most of you haven't either.
"The toughest and coolest rock band from Ireland since Them" as I read somewhere on the
My brother and his friends are really into that kind of music so they brought me along, and I'm pretty damn happy they did.

The cool thing about that band, besides the music, was that they were a fucking dirty rock n roll band. They put on a show in stead of that boring "stand straight up and perform our music as spotless as possible"-crap many bands seems to favor since they wanna come of as a serious band that should be taken seriously by other musical fuck-ups that analyze music to see if it's good or not.
I guess that's what you do in a studio, but on stage you put on a show and let people see what kind of messed up individuals you are. That's exactly what these guys did.
I have never seen anyone throw a tambourine as violently as the singer of that band. When he was done with that tambourine, he was fucking done with that tambourine.

I took some pics too, see them here and then check out their myspace site afterwards.

All of this pics are taken with my phone, that's why they're crappy and don't show the vibe of the night, except for the blurriness which is exceptionally close to how I experienced the show too.


Another cool thing that's going on in mah hoodizzle is that a bunch of ducks have started to hang out in our backyard. We feed them bread so I guess they have understood that we enjoy their company and they should come back like they have done every day lately. My goal is to have them eat from my hand, no success so far but I will post eventual "Mission Accomplished!" blogs if the ducks let me. Ducks are funny.

First day they were only three ducks but I guess they told their other duck buddy about all the bread we were giving them, so now the duck trio is a duck quad? Duck Quado? Duck Quatro? uh..
Four ducks.

Take care, I'm making tapas today.

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