Thursday, August 14, 2008

Featured on Snowplanet!

I got word from Claudia, the nice lady over at Snowplanet that they linked up my blog on their site.
That's so nice of them.
Snowplanet is a pretty damn cool Spanish mag. I can't read it but it always looks pretty damn good.

Check them out by pressing that Snowplanet magazine cover (haha! Transmundo Snowplaneting!)

Since the article is in Spanish I had to run it through a translation program on the net.. here you go:
(I guess the Spanish have a very special kind of language, or maybe Claudia was on drugs, who knows?)
" In times in which until the grandmothers they take control famous of his cyber-diaries, our pros could not less be. We begin section with blog more recent Damned Danny's Days, of the dicharachero rocanrolero Mr. Larsen. With a dark version of blogspot, very in his wave, Dani it speaks to us of barbie, ducks and rock'n' roll. Good, and of snowboard, I create…

“My taste young donkeys” Danny Larsen"

I find this extremely entertaining in case you haven't figured that out.

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Claudia said...

My taste young donkeys too.