Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hail storm!

The weather started of really nice today. It was so nice that I was bummed that I had to spend some time inside.
After some necessary errands and lunch I sat down with a book while the thunder suddenly started raising hell outside.
"Now that is a weird thing on a bluebird day" I thought.
The sky was bright and blue, not a cloud in sight as far as I could see, but still thunder.
After a while the clouds came in and so did the rain. I like rain, rain is like the underdog of weather that is really necessary and still everyone hates it.
Leave rain alone! buhuu buhuuu!After a while I got tired of watching the rain doing it's magic to the lawn so I got back to my book.
It didn't take long before the sound of rain turned into something resembling the sound of a drive by. The rain had turned into hail and my grill outside made a pretty cool sound every time it got hit. Hail is pretty cool, it's like rain that's too cool for school. haha!
"Turning into rain as we fall down? Fuck that and fuck your rules man, I only follow my own rules" - Hail

I took some pictures of it, you can't really see how cool it was, but I choose to show you anyway.

Pouring down outside my door.

My snowboard went from being a wakeboard to snowboard again.

Sweet pow brah! I'll catch some sweet turns down that hill yo! shaka!

Every blog entry can't be interesting. Be happy with what I give you.

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