Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm back motherfuckers!

Well, I have definitely proven that I'm not good at daily updates, but then again, it's my blog and I'll do whatever the fuck I wanna do with it.
Damn.. I'm a power-hungry retard, I need to hang out with real people soon.

The other day I actually got a request by an anonymous reader, or secret admirer as I prefer to think.
Anonymous asked me if I could write about my favorite music and I can't really see any reason to why I shouldn't grant this stranger his/her (we should have a word for these situations, from now on the word is heris or maybe hisher, vote and decide) wish.

If this is completely new to you and you have absolutely no idea about who I am you might not now that I like rock music, but I do.
When I say rock music, I use the term as widely as Lemmy from Motörhead does. I love everything from 50/60's rock to Norwegian Black metal.
Usually music will end up in two different piles in my head, music I love and music I hate. I'm a bastard when it comes to music I don't like. I don't really know why I am like that but I usually hate music I don't like, not exactly a charming side about my personality but it's honest at least.

When it comes to my "Music I Love pile", it rooms quite a lot, probably more than people that knows me would think.
I have a couple of favorite bands all depending on time of year, mood, time of day and people around me. But there's a couple of bands that I always feel are among my favorites no matter what my surroundings are forcing me to listen to.

This is a list of some of those bands.

Guns N' Roses
I've been a fan since Freddie Five Finger's brother Espen introduced us to that sleazy sound when we were young kids. Appetite for Destruction is probably my all time favorite album and I basically love every single part of it. Did you know that the sex sounds on rocket queen is a real recording of Axl doing Steven Adler's girlfriend? Not a very nice thing to do to your friend and drummer.
I have heard the new shit that Axl is doing right now and I'm disappointed times infinity. That shit isn't even close to being Guns N Roses. Velvet Revolver is a better choice then, but still it's like being served spam when you're hoping for steak. Luckily they have fired that Weiland dude, I'm hoping for some kick ass new singer.

No reason to tell you why, they're just fucking brilliant.

Haha! Tricked you! You almost thougt I had poor music taste there huh? Of course I mean the early albums, the trash period. Kill Em All says it all, metal up your ass!

Black Sabbath
I have a big Sabbath poster in my bedroom. Every night and every morning I have the chance of looking Tommy Iommi in the eyes and get a little bit scared. Those guys made scary music even more scary, scary music is great.

The Beatles.
I've been raised on Beatles music and I love it. My dad means that they're the best band in the world. I don't exactly agree but they're absolutely one of my all time favorites.

this was fun..
I'll get back soon with more of my musical preferences, maybe look into my taste in 60's garage rock and psychedelic rock and Norwegian Black Metal? Quite different genres but I love it.. Oh! Darkthrone just started playing from my itunes, Darkthrone is a fucking awesome band in case you didn't know.

I also play rock'n'roll music but I'm better at posing for my computer cam.

I'm not left handed but my computer cam tends to think so. I don't really get it but it shoots everything with a mirror effect. That's my guitar by the way, it makes horrible sounds.

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