Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh oh oh Monday, oh oh oh.

Monday, not morning anymore but it sure feels like it.

I'm supposed to go the mall today to get some pens, problem is that I want to walk there and leave my car safely parked in the driveway, not causing any problems for mother earth just because of a small trip.
But as I woke up and looked outside I thought; "what the fuck, don't nature want to be saved?"
Outside it's drizzling.
Not the kind of rain where you put on a raincoat and stay dry, not the overcast where you just put on a hoodie and stay warm.
It's the kind of weather where you just put on a hoodie and get slightly wet and thus gettting really annoyed.

So it's 2.30 AM and I still haven't decided how to get there, I'm sure the car stays but the clothing option is what keeps me inside not getting a good start on my week. Damn it, 2.30?!
I feel like a homeless baby with no one to take care of me. I'm going to walk to the mall and get my pens and some food after I'm done posting this, in my leather jacket, that's a good compromise.

But first some coffee.

I haven't spent all of my day doing nothing.
I have also spent some of my day doing something.

Here's a picture of those somethings (except for eating and drinking coffee, which I do a lot.)

Oh! I have also managed to put a custom ring tone on my iPhone, thanks to Stian's helpful pointers. The choice fell on Fire (I am the god of hellfire) by Arthur Brown.


The more important news regarding my iPhone though is that it works.
I had a slight stupid-moment the other day, which fucked it up for a couple of days. When my computer politely asked if I wanted to update my iPhone, I answered yes by pushing a cursed button in the newly opened window.
After a while I realized that this was probably not the smartest move for my cracked iPhone. An iPhone that stays completely black is not as much fun as a iPhone that is now upgraded due to a combined hacking force by my buddy Widar and myself. The new update is pretty rad and I'm proud as a MF that I managed to fix it myself, even though "fix it myself" means "with some serious help from Widar". Takk Widar!

Alright... Pen time, just after I finish this coffee.

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