Thursday, August 28, 2008

Car, sick?

Today I had our car in for a periodic control.
Imagine your'e cheating on your taxes and you're being audited. That' the feeling I had when I drove in to the mechanics to have it checked and have all of it's damages discovered.
While they checked it I went out skating a newly built skateramp in the middle of my home town. It's probably the best ramp I've ever skated and it was hard leaving it to go to some mechanic who was bound to laugh in my face while screaming "Do you know how much fucked up stuff we found with your car, you're fucked son!".

I got there and talked to the mechanic who did the test.
"You're windshield is a bit scratched, you might wanna check that out, but the car is approved, here's your key"
It's a motherfucking miracle, and now I'm celebrating..
Any typos are the result of the celebrating.
Thank the booze-god for drunk mechanics (the only solution I can find to the car report)

Damn I'm happy, and here's my well functioning pride.

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