Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Library of the walking dead.

I'm sitting at at a library, getting away from home so it's easier not to lose my concentration which easily happens at home.
Libraries are dying.
I walked in and practically the only people in here were alcoholics and weird dudes with mullets. They're all about checking the internet. I think I saw three people actually looking at books, one was reading, the rest were hanging by the free internet computers.
It feels like I'm walking into some sort of ghost town occupied by the ghosts of the late 90's, ready to check out what's happening on the world wide web. My guess is that they're checking out "awesome cars" or checking out babes on some sort of babe-rating page. Chances are that they also are catching up on sport news, mainly about some uninteresting happening in the world of football (soccer to you Americans who got it all wrong when it comes to the word football).

I'm in a study hall with a pretty awesome acoustic, just let one go but no one heard it. It's like that old riddle; If a person farts in a completely deserted study hall, does it make a sound or even matter?

Looks like they had some assembly here in the study hall but had to leave in a hurry. There was obviously one person too cool to face the front and sit in a black chair. I can assure you these seats were empty before I farted. Guys think farts are funny their whole life, it's a scientific fact.

I'm going to turn my attention to my books now.
I'm a fucking library rebel!
Read baby read!

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