Tuesday, August 5, 2008

That's Weird

--This was written last night, but the site wouldn't let me upload the much needed awesome shot--

I got my pens today and had my friend Fredrik over for dinner. We made some delicious burritos which Fredrik didn't really manage to wrap properly so he had to wash hands in between burritos.

After he left i sat down and draw skulls, monsters and daggers for a while while chatting with buddies on Skype. After I got tired of drawing all those skulls I decided to go to bed, and that's when I really noticed the artwork on my pillowcase.
I have been drawing skulls and listening to metal music all night, and now I'm gonna fall a sleep on a Barbie pillow?!

I have no idea how we got this pillowcase, but it's pretty cool and I know you want one too.

good night

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