Thursday, August 28, 2008

Skate pic

Just got this pic of me from Kyrre K. Bergersen who was shooting some pics in the skatepark. I tweaked the colors a bit, but it was a digi pic so it's completely expected and ok to mess with it. (plus he said "go ahead!" when I asked him if it was ok, he's a graphic designer, he gets it)

I think his pic was really nice but I wanted to get that fucked up film look which you would expect from a camera you got from your grandpa back in the days. It's kinda fun that I like to get digi photos so I can twist and bend it to make them look analog. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work when I think about it. It's like buying a car and rip out the engine so you can have a great and realistic toy car.

I guess I'll stick to analog cams myself and let people who are good with digi cams work their magic there. I'm pretty sure we're gonna have an analog cam renaissance pretty soon, the nice and warm colors of film is pretty cool, plus having an actual print or slide in your hands beats having a folder on your computer any day. Before I went back to analog cams I had totally forgotten how fun it is to wait for the slides to be developed and not really knowing how they turned out. I guess I'm a bit tired of everything being perfect. People get digital pictures to look amazing and I truly love all of those super clear and vivid pics, but when you had candy for weeks you're bound to start longing for something salty or bitter.

Digi cams makes it easier to shoot a lot though.

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture man, must be a pro photgrafer!