Thursday, August 14, 2008

Introducing the "Things I do not like, the never-ending story" series.

I am completely aware how easily things fall into my "stuff I don't like" category.
Most of the stuff that ends up in that box deserves to be in that box and some don't. I am gonna try to list out stuff I don't like so I can clear my mind and focus more on the stuff I like, which I hope is a lot more than what I dislike.

First thing that gets the honor of being featured in "Things I do not like, the never-ending story" is:

Going to the Gym!

Yesterday I started my gym season.
As a pro-shred I prefer to prevent injuries, cause if you think about it for a while, injuries suck pretty much.
One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to make my body strong enough for all that stuff I put it through during the winter. So the reason why I go to the gym is quite clear and obvious.
But the bad thing about going to the gym is that it's so fucking boring!
Seriously horribly boring.
Yesterday when I went there, I had to argue with the staff just to schedule a session with one of the instructors so I could get some pointers on what and how to prepare myself best for the season. Isn't that one of the reasons why I pay them? Do I really pay them to move around heavy objects, fuck, I can do that for free at home.
After a while they realized that I found their offer quite hopeless and they gave me the session with an instructor for free.
I headed into the changing room and noticed that it had a really strange smell that only gyms have, I have no clue what it is but I definitely don't like it. It's kind of nasty man-sweat covered up with deodorant cleverly disguised by some unidentifiable washing liquid that they wash the locker rooms with.
After I got my running shoes on and put my Ipod on loud enough to drench out that horrible techno they keep playing, I got on one of those treadmills and started running. That leads me actually to the only enjoyable part of my work out, they have a bunch of TVs so I got to watch the Simpsons while running. Well I don't really run either, I basically stand on the same spot while the floor is trying to trick me into falling, god damn movable floor!!!

The rest of my workout session I lift or pull stuff up and down, sometimes sideways. It's seriously fucking ridiculous. Why the hell can't they make this a bit more enjoyable? Put in some video games, like Wii only way more efficient or something like that. Put the bikes in some sort of video game where you get to race the other guys in the gym.
Most people don't even exercise because they need to either, they do it because mankind has made surviving to easy. So now we had to strive to have it a bit more unpleasant cause we're getting everything too easy and that fuck up our looks.
So this one goes out to the gyms; If people have ended up in this situation they have done so because they like to enjoy themselves too much, so let us fucking do that in the gym too!

God damn I hate gyms.

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