Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer shred

Last week I went up to the Folgefonna glacier to shoot some photos with Stian Solberg, Ståle and Frode Sandbech.
The funny thing about Folgefonna is that it's best to shoot at night time, so we took it easy and didn't get up to the glacier before 9 PM or something like that. Kinda weird to get in a car around noon, be in that car for another 7 hours, have dinner and then getting dressed to go snowboarding.

Folgefonna's park shaper Emil Fossheim had built up a great jump for us that had turned into ice before we got to hit it. Icy jumps after dinner can be kinda scary, but luckily this kicker was fun and scary. We sessioned it until midnight I guess, everyone getting both shots and close encounters with the icy knuckle. Stian also managed to scrape up his back after a small flirt with the infamous icy knuckle, it looked like he had been dragged over a cheese grater repeatedly.

Next morning the weather decided to get all Noregian on us, which means too gray to shoot, so Ståle and I (Stian took the day of) to just cruise through the park and have Frode film us. It was pretty fun and I think I managed to land the smallest backflip I have ever done that day, video proof in this film by Frode.

Afterwards we went surfing, I have just started but I love it, so far I manage to get punished by the waves and catch jellyfish with my face.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Drawing

I have spent most of my day on my ass.
I have also spent most of my day holding a pen.

When I draw I like to put on my commander hat. It shows my surroundings that I'm in control, even my coffee cup obeys me.

This is what I look like when I draw stuff for the next art-book that will come out with every copy of Overseas by Pirate Movie Production.

Check out the Pirate webpage here.

And while you're at it. take a look at our teaser, Analogistan here we come!

First blog on my blog thingy.

Ok. I have blogged before, so I know how this is done.
On the other hand I have only blogged when I felt like telling people something important or at least interesting, that is going to change with this blog.

I guess I'll try to to keep you posted on whatever I feel like telling you even though it might be completly inrelevant to most of you.

This is basically an attempt to occupy more of the internet, I'm gonna grab as much of the internet as possible and sell it to the highest bidder when internet demand passes internet supply, when that happens, I'll be a rich man.

Time to drink some coffee.