Friday, October 31, 2008

Free movie download

By pressing this picture you get to download a snowboard film for free.

How rad is that?
It's even legal.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

mini Kamp K2, Hintertux, Mega post.

As promised, here it is.

Together with my girlfriend Gro I flew down to Munich on Friday to attend the mini Kamp K2, a happening organized by K2 to make sure we get to shred and drink beer, yes my job is great.

We decided to first have a day in Munich,'cause Munich is a rad city to hang out in. First we checked in to our hotel which was situated in the kebab/porn district of Munich and called up Christain Brecheis. We met him after we had some great sushi at my favorite central European sushi restaurant.

I found a Bob's Brigade sticker outside the restaurant.

I figured out that I have probably been in Munich 2 million times, but basically stay in the same little area every time. So Christian decided to give us a tour of the city, what a nice thing to do! Finally we managed to squeeze in some culture between the usual stops. He even showed us a church that the devil himself helped building. Satan wasn't pleased with the result and left pissed of, leaving the wind he came riding in on. Stupid satan.

Munich, pretty.

Here's a church. We were very cultural that day. All the decorations are wooden carvings painted white.

Christian had to leave us after some coffee, coffee is still the new black, so we decided to try out some of Munich's famous beer halls. We asked for two beers and this is what we got; 1 maas each (a maas is a litre of beer).

You know trouble is ahead when you got a beer that's bigger than your head. Word-magician Larsen strikes again.

After the maas had kick-started our night we decided to spend some time in our hotel, playing internet and talking to some American art students who were pretty artsy. One of them painted fish, someone have to I guess. We stayed in our hotel and met up with friends who helped us to build up a nice hangover for the next morning. Thanks Anke and Steve!

Damn, this is starting to get boring..

Anyway, we drove to Austria the next morning, got to Hintertux and met up with the European marketing coordinator for K2 or something fancy like that. His name is Andy and is basically a fucking rad dude. He handed us some lift tickets and some beer in one of those fancy beer cozies that I showed you here. It helped my hand to stay warm while I enjoyed a cold beer, what a marvelous invention!

I wish I had some pictures of the riding, but I was too busy riding to shoot pictures. It was just too much fun. But I will let you know that air was being caught and slashes were made, hell, I even stomped a few. How about that! Pretty rad huh? The rest of our weekend looked like this:

- Meet up with people and drink beer, courtesy of K2.
- Eat food and drink some more beer.
- Go to bed around midnight so we could be ready for shredding.
- Wake up at 7.30, have some breakfast and shred the whole day in bluebird in a well shaped park.
- Repeat.

We even got to go in to a fucking scary cave. I'm claustrophobic so I almost died in there from heart attack. It was so god damn tight with no end in sight, my heart was trying to break free and run screaming and crying out by itself. Damn coward heart.
Here's a pic from the cave, this was pretty nice and roomy, we could even stand erect like normal human sapiens should do.

Gro and Flo, lights by another Flo I think, kinda hard to tell. Everyone in the German speaking world are either called Flo, Basti or Alex. hmmmm.. maybe it's Vittus with the light? His name got a funny meaning in Finish.

Gro in a tighter, but still quite roomy part of the cave.

After a great weekend, we decided to stay another night in Mayerhofen. Nothing exciting happened at all, I saw a deer but I have seen a deer before, I was not impressed. If they wanna impress me they better show me a bear or something. A deer, woopdeedoo, big deal.
I saw this sticker in town though, that's our crew from back in the days. No idea who put it up, but it made me happy.

G-Had! Gangsta crew fo rizzle!

Next day we drove to Innsbruck, said hi to the Method mag guys, and bye to Ludschi who's soon leaving for China. On the way to Munich we stopped at McDonalds to get some lunch. I know that it's extremely uncreative to point out that the burgers you get at McDonalds don't look like the pictures they show you, but this one was too good to go unnoticed... Come on McDonals, at least try to deliver what you promise.

mmmm.. I guess this thing will contain lots of bacon and Jalapeños.
Looking pretty good so far.Where's Waldo is lame, try playing Where's the Jalapeño! Actually there is two jalapeños in this picture.
This is bacon, who needs more than two soggy bacon strips that have slowly taken the color and shape of a STD anyways?
This picture is a lie.

This is us leaving Innsbruck and McDonalds, I'm not happy but Gro is because she got antlers.

After that great meal we went back to Munich, returned our rental car, stored our boardbags at the main station and headed over to Anke and Lolli's place. Got a super special "got to be friends with the magazines"screening of That's it, That's all. I never thought I would like that film, but it's actually fucking amazing. I loved it, not like a shred-flick, but as a great film with awesome snowboarding in it. Here's a little spoiler, they have about 10 tripod shots in the entire film.
After a nice dinner, some beers and a screening of the bonus section of IsenSeven's Teenage Love Graffiti we went to bed. Got up next morning and took the train to the airport. It was fast, look at the background, impossible to make out what you're seeing because we were going so fast.. brrrrrmmmm.
Gro likes fast trains.

We got to the airport, waited for about 5-6 hours and flew home annoyed with the Munich airport. Oslo was covered in a great soft and fluffy blanket of fresh snow that has turned into a grey and wet mash of slush and dead leaves today.. Autumn is great.
Here's a picture of Gro being really fucking stoked about snow in October.


Outside my door when I came home.

That's it, that's all... a long blog post.
I'll make shorter ones soon.
who knows.
take care.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


And I'm fucking tired.
left form Munich today.. 10 minutes after we were supposed to leave from Munich , our plane left from Oslo.
That meant that we had to wait in Munich for the plane to come from Oslo, be fixed up or whatever they do to the planes between flights.
The reason why it was so delayed was that winter has hit Norway, I landed in winter wonderland.
I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, going to bed now... fuuuuuucking tired.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Retardaustrianism here I come!

This White Russian is delicious, mmmmm.
It's packing time, and packing is something I hate doing without a drink.
Anyways, going down to Austria tomorrow to shred a little bit with K2.
Shredding is pretty fucking rad by the way, agree?
I'm so excited that K2 is arranging this thing called Kamp K2 where they invite a bunch of people to come shred and enjoy silly amounts of beer with us in Hintertux, Austria. Hintertux is rumoured to be really good right now and my fingers are crossed for lovely weather. Foggy snowboardparks is the new neon, bluebird is the new black.
Only thing is that I get really stupid when I travel to Austria, so we'll see if I manage to figure out how to blog down there. If there's no posts in a couple of days, it's because I got another case of Retardaustrianism.



Some of the best music to come out of Norway.

R.I.P Jokke.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Package from K2!

As I already mentioned, I fucking love getting stuff from my sponsors (I guess it's not that hard to understand why). It feels like Christmas every time that delivery guy shows up on my front door. It's always the same guy by the way, I wonder if he's trying to figure out what I'm up to since I keep getting these weirdly shaped boxes.
After my last "box post" post, my Team Manager at K2 said "Just wait until you get your next one from K2", and here it is! An all-time high, best package EVER! (if you wanna learn more about EVER, check out k2's catalog, best catalog EVER!)

I am a sucker for stuff like this.

Ohhhhh, big! That's my "I have no idea what this is" - pose. Quite similar to my french impersonation pose.

Flat like Holland!

And this what that magical box of mysteries was filled up with.

Measure your stands son, uhhh!

Flip flops made of harsh mellow! Mmmm, cushiony. K2 puts that stuff into bindings to make them cushiony like these flip flops.

Ice scrapes, because global warming has officially been canceled, we'll need them. I had to scrape my car for ice last week, these would have been handy then.
Ah... Ice scraper-mustache, clever.

Air fresheners, makes your car smell like rockers... they are Jack Daniels scented!

Foam hand with horns! Guitar for extra rocker points.

A beer cozy. Didn't have a beer to put in it though.


When in doubt throw out the horns! That's the pirate tour tee on the left by the way.

The grand finale, a life size poster of myself, haha!

Some photos

I love Holga.
I'll see if I can't get some other analog camera to work too, they are really nice, and getting one of those badass big digi cams are a bit too expensive.
Here are some Holga pics I took this winter/spring.

Peter Lundström, Austria, awesome.

Different pictures of Tyler and Gigi. Tyler got a yellow jacket, Gigi got red or black one.
Only pic where they're not together is the upper left one, that's because Tyler is sitting next to me, I think it is a part of his backpack you can see in the lower right corner.

Hans Åhlund happy in Las Vegas. He won 100 bucks right after I shot this.

My Team Manager Kevin Winkel does NOT like trespassers.

Pigeons humping.

Gro in NY, that famous building in the back looks like it's about to fall over.

I bought some pointy shoes here.

Kalle doesn't look that good in this picture, but it's still my favorite. He had a bad cold and was truly dependent on that nose spray to be able to breath. He is not a desperate junkie trying to get some glue in to his system, it just really looks like it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Morten's new tatoo

Morten in Dead Trooper sent me a file asking which one I thought he should get tattooed.

He did the artwork in Word. Morten is pretty damn hardcore. We talked it over and he got this one instead.

Morten is metal, very metal, it turned out fucking great! Buy their music!

Friday, October 17, 2008

shorter posts.

My posts are just getting shorter and shorter. Efficiency, thy name is Danny.

Interview with Austin

X-games contestant lays it down, he is interesting even though he doesn't even make 10% of what Shaun White makes for winning the X-games, fact.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Method interview sneak peek.

I already mentioned my interview in Method mag, but here's a chance to have little looksie of what you can expect. The rest of the mag is filled up with awesome shred stuff, so go and buy it.
Everyone should buy snowboard mags and snowboardfilms, it's a small donation to keep the industry alive. So if you love snowboard as much as I do, help out.

Press the pic to look at some previews at K2's website. It's too small to be read, so go and buy it and read about all the other cool stuff as well.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Danny Larsen t-shirt up for sale!

If you wanna get your hands on a Pirate - Danny Larsen shirt, you can now buy it on the pirate webshop. Check also out the other stuff up for sale including other t-shirts, backpack and the complete Pirate discography including our new film Overseas.

Ahhhhhhhhh, now I see!
Press the pic to go to the webshop.

Sweden premiere, hell weekend part 2.

After setting Oslo on fire we got in the car 11 AM on Saturday and started our trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. First we picked up Jocki and Mike Lundmark (Nikki Sixx's younger brother I think) at Oslo central station and saw a still not quite sober Kalle Ohlson driving scared passed uniformed cops. On the way to Sweden we witnessed some rather hopeless and sketchy driving by Mr. Ohlson, but once again, if it makes us laugh it's OK.
The mood in the car definitely got better when Mike and I stopped at the border to Sweden (stuff in Sweden is a lot cheaper than in Norway) and got some beer. While Gro was driving and Jocki was sleeping, Mike and I started our own little car party.
After a while we got to Gothenburg, nearly crashed a hundred times thanks to Kalle's crazy GPS instructions (the GPS didn't take crap from anyone and did whatever it felt like with absolutely no respect for traffic rules). Thanks to an extremely sketchy u-turn we lost Kalle and had to find the Hotel ourselves, Gro did a great job not crashing in that crazy city.

We got to our hotel (oldest in Gothenburg by the way) and checked in, while Gro went for a nap I decided to visit my Danish friends, the Danish Dynamites, Peder and Peter, who decided to come up to Sweden and party with us. In case you're wondering, a no-smoking room doesn't mean that Dnish people won't smoke in their room, it just means that they spray some perfume in their room after they have smoked out of their windows for a couple of hours. After a nice pre-pre-party Gro showed up and was escorted gently into the mist by the Danish duo's Vodka. We teamed up with Kalle, Frida and her sister plus friend and headed over to Gamla Porten where Patrik Lundin had a special VIP party in our honor, we're basically like Paris Hilton in Gothenburg. We ate and we drank, more free booze was served and after a while Mike and infamous Swedish snowboard legend Cosse showed up, I think Mike won the party around 8 o'clock, how he was granted access to the bar no one knows.

Knowing what the free booze would do to me the next day I decided to flip the bottles of. Not very sophisticated or deep but it made me feel better.

After a while the place filled up and everyone had a great time. Then Hans Åhlund decided to grow some balls and asked his girlfriend Marie if she would marry him, and she said yes! So suddenly the whole party turned into a celebration for Hans and Marie, at least it did for me and everyone I remember talking too. Congratulations Hans and Marie!!

Other memorable things that happened:

-Someone stole Gro's Motörhead denim jacket, if it was you, then fuck you.
- The Danish Dynamites came in on a nicely shared second place after Mike with possibly Andreas Gidlund on third.

The Danes resting after a night of fun. I sneaked in to their room after they had fallen a sleep. Taking pictures of sleeping men makes you feel like a nasty pervert.

- Cosse decided to buy us all the shots in Gothenburg and my hangover truly thanks him for that, without those shots my hangover would probably not have lasted until Monday.
- I was the only one sober enough to get into the rock club we wanted to go to, I'm a great illusionist, Cosse and Mike are not great illusionists. Previously I have been thrown out of a rock bar in Gothenburg for headbanging together with Haugo. Rock bars in Gothenburg are weird.
- Cosse is gonna do a comeback this year.
- The Danish Dynamites managed to spend more money on McDonals than I spent on drinks. Next morning Peder found french fries in all of his pockets. Their night time snack included 5 servings of medium fries among other things.
- Jocki's room smelled like an explosion at a brewery 1 PM the next day.

Jocki's room also had an earthquake it looks like.

- The hotel staff thought the Danish room smelled pleasantly of perfume.
- Kalle and Gidlund started their road trip to Austria, check out Kalle's blog to read what they're up to. I know those guys, I know there's gonna be funny stories about sketchy situations in every post. (you can also see more pics from the party on that blog.)
It smells like trouble miles away. If you happen to be on the road somewhere between Gothenburg and Mayerhofen, watch out!

- We got back home safely after spending a nice day in Gothenburg sobering up to drive legally.

Thank you Patrik, thank you Sweden!

Premiere in Oslo, city of Satan

ah... Finally the Weekend of unholy party obligation is over. We just had the two Scandinavian Pirate premieres in Norway and Sweden, and I'm tired. The premieres are always in the same weekend and you know you got to go all-in on both, no wimping out.
So we started of easy by celebrating the new collaboration t-shirt between Whiteout and Hunting lodge and pre-party with free wine at Hunting Lodge. After we managed to utter enough opinions about random stuff in the store that made no sense we decided to leave for the premiere itself. Together with Kalle Ohlson, Frida Vogler and Jon "teen lover", I had probably the slowest walk through Oslo in history. The Swedes had been a bit better than Jon and I at getting happy and dizzy earlier in the evening, so they slowed us down, but they were really funny at the same time so we didn't mind. Decided to have another pre-party at some bar where we met up with different people, including good ol' friends Tony and Tom and Florent and his lovely Lene. Also met and old friend of Jon that was doing some Uri Geller magic, bars and magicians is a match made in heaven.

After having a spoon bending session, he started to lift beer glasses with his thumb and index finger like this. It was magical.

Let's do a fast forward to the party where every one's drunk in one of the only bars in Norway where you can smoke, they have a big outside area which I think might be heated, not really sure but I wasn't cold so it might have been. Actually my memories from that night are all kind of unclear.

How I remember the party.

How it actually looks through the eye of a crappy iPhone cam.

The place filled up nicely after a while and Bård and Gaute played nice music for us. I remember that it wasn't gangsta, and that was of course disappointing but I still managed to shake my ass in a way that made most people uncomfortable. Session threw the party and was as usual damn good at distributing the infamous party shades, I got some red ones from Inge Wiig's private stash (or at least so he claims), which I lost 30 minutes later. Once again a victim of Freddie Five Finger Discount..
Cruise over to Bloggemateriale and look at their pics, Inge does not allow pictures of him to be taken unless he has either a cigarette or a beer in his hand at any point.
special, in-story information.
Blogge-materiale is without a doubt my favorite blog, even though the contributors made it painfully clear for me that I was a snipster Friday night, well well, I guess their right, they're the experts when it comes to spotting snipsters and skipsters. Fuck, I even got a blog, of course I'm a low-life snipster, I'm even wearing a rolled up beanie right now.
It's somewhat a tradition for the Oslo premiere of Pirate films to have technical problems with the actual screening. I think we managed to put it on with the right soundtrack the fifth time maybe. Luckily we had screens all over the place so we sent everyone up into the second floor bar where we had our screening. People seemed to like it a lot, and the only criticism was more of the "hey, why was that guy's part in double? Wow, this whole room is in double!" kind.
After the screening we had a much appreciated give-away toss. I gave some slippers to park shaper extraordinaire Emil Fossheim which he claimed saved his life later that evening. He was getting held up by some thugs when he decided to throw the slippers in one of the robbers face and got away. GOOD WORK EMIL! Back at the party Inge got the great idea of taking all the cover charge, splitting it up on three people with one rule to follow, everything was supposed to be spent in the bar that night. So we stood there with a pocket full of cash, buying drinks for everyone standing around, buying friends have reached a new high! Actually it was topped when Inge and I decided that it was even more big baller style to just hand out cash to random people, holy fuck we were big pimpin' that night.

Inge and Jocki ready to buy friendship.

The party was a complete drunken chaos from start to end and the DJs managed to squeeze in one request before we had to give up, Slayer! It all went down with a heavy headbanging session where Haugo got into trouble with the bouncers for spitting all over the place and throwing chairs and tables across the room. "Oh yes, I can see that was not a good idea" was his reply to the pissed of 2 meter high bouncer.
Got home at 4 in the morning, all thanks to Tanny who drove me and Widar back home, good thing, because we left for Gothenburg in Sweden for the next premiere 7 hours later, with my girl Gro behind the wheels.
Thank you Petter, Inge, Pirates, Bård, Gaute and Session(!) for a mayhem of a party, I'm already looking forward to next year!

some more pics:

Ole, Roger'n and Peik didn't make much sense all night, but I've been hired as Ole's personal trainer. Roger had me in a headlock for quite some time and Peik received a lot of my drinking money, I have never seen so many beers dropped to the floor by the same guy.

When we went out of the bar, this guy showed up with a girl in a trashcan. It's the sexual equivalent to boil-in-bag rice.

I just found out that the winner of the night was mr Karl-Heniz Auer from Whiteout! After coming home from the party he decided to make a Nutella (chocolate-spread) sandwich. After he failed to sink his teeth into the bread he found out that instead of using bread for his sandwich, he managed to spread Nutella over a tupperware-box top.. That must be some kind of record when it comes to partying.

Calle's late night snack.