Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pirate Webshop!

Here's your golden chance to buy Pirate stuff (that being Pirate-movie-Production stuff) as fast as you can type down your payment information. Or even better just post your credit card info into the comment area under this post and see how long it takes before someone else orders fun stuff for themselves with your money!
If you don't like the sound of that second option, spend YOUR money on pirate stuff for yourself by going in here!

feeling sick

and blogging does not sound funny right now.
My head feels like a balloon filled up with oatmeal.
But here I am, like an S&M idiot, ready to take another beating.
you know what? fuck it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going away.

So, tomorrow I'll wake up half an hour ago to go to the airport and reach my flight that's around 6.30. No big deal, just a 45 minutes train ride and need to be there at least one hour before departure. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, nice..

The reason for all of this is that I'm going down to Z├╝rich in Switzerland to attend the Freestyle.ch. I'll try to get some updates when I'm down there, but I have no idea about the internet connection. Usually there's not that much time spent in the hotel, too much fun stuff going on everywhere besides the hotel.. But we'll see, it's usually a sick event so definitely gonna be a good source for stories. I know that a bunch of crazy Italians are coming, that means "crazy stuff Guaranteed."

Well, I'll enjoy this glass of red wine while I pack.

I hate packing by the way.
Packing is probably worse than going to the gym.
This glass of red wine is gonna make it less horrible.


I made a wallpaper out of a drawing I did for the pirate art book and art show.
Start a poor person's digital computer art gallery with this piece of art.
Just claim that you feel that canvas has played it's role as a medium for art and that you feel a computer screen is a nice comment on the digitalization of our society plus you can't be fucking bothered to buy a real piece of art, 'cause art's for pussies anyway.

That dude definitely want to saaaack yar blaaaaad!

This is just a small preview, click it and save it as a desktop if you feel like it.

Jesus is back!

Just got this email from my mom, she loves to send out forwarded funny emails.

After flipping his hydrofoil, Jesus quickly leaves the scene before his Father finds out!

Click the pic to make it bigger.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tedore in China

While I have nothing to write about at the moment you might as well see what Tedore is up to over in China.
Seems like they're having a blast.
I think his computer is fucked though, but keeps on logging on facebook, so maybe not super fucked.
Let's say medium fucked.
Tedore's 1976 blog

Random stuff that comes to mind.

I have nothing to write about today.
But still I write.
It's a mystery why I write when I don't have anything to write about.

Q: What's an English word spelled with 5 letters that might as well be spelled with just one?
Answer at the bottom of all of this crap.

It's Basti Balser's birthday today, send him a happy birthday message.

Check out this dude, Christian Brecheis, I'm gonna shoot some photos with him in Zurich this weekend, good photographer, good dude, good chilli-planter..

I went to the gym today, still hate it more than having sharp pencils rammed up under my eyelids.

I got inspired by herr Brecheis' Chilli planting and decided to plant one of those fuckers myself. Plants need to grow faster to make it interesting, I'm growing bamboo next time, they grow damn fast.

I haven't watched a single episode of Trailer park boys today, I guess that's gonna change in a matter of minutess.

Still enjoying not being handed free or cheap alcohol, that's gonna change this weekend when I'm going down for the Freestyle.ch in Switzerland.

I want a dog.

I want a tattoo.

Queue (that's english for a line if you happen to be American.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Problem with Prostitution

Yesterday I stumbled over a problem I never hope will be a real issue for me, but anyways it was a fun thought.
Imagine that two prostitutes decide to have sex with each other. How the hell do they do it with the payment? Is it the prostitute that charges the most that will receive the difference between what they charge? I guess it's all depending on wether they're doing it on their private time or their pimp consider them to be working. Cause to be honest, the line is extremely fine between working and just having sex when you're a prostitue.
The real problem, well opportunity I guess, would be if some dude decide to hook up with a hooker and let her now after they're done that he's also a prostitute and charges about twice as much as she does. Does the lady with the prostitution experience (fancy way of saying hooker) now have to pay the man she thought was a customer but in stead turned out to be a sneaky seller? I mean, I guess I have revolutionized the pimping industry here, but I'm not familiar with pay-sex ethics.
My girlfriend came up with a really funny but not very helpful suggestion to the problem which I can't really remember right now. I just remember that she was really wondering how the hell I came up with that problem, I guess I'm wondering about that too.
This is giving me a headache, if some of you have some different ideas please let me know. If you happen to actually have experience with this issue your input is even more welcome.

Swedish blog about Austria

If you're lucky enough to understand Swedish, you might want to check out this blog post written by Viktor Skogquist. He's down in Innsbruck editing Boardbagged right now with main pirate dude, Basti. I think they're having a great time, walking the dog and editing high up in the mountains. Hell, it even sounds a bit romantic if you ask me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sports Illustrated China

Just received this kinda grainy scan from Steve in China.
It's an interview I did for Sports Illustrated over there.
The instructions I got for this picture was "Not smell with teeth, make scary like blood ghost" Not sure if I pulled it off but it looks great anyways.
Thanks Steve!

Danny Larsen, snowboard player!


Check this out!
or as they say in German speaking countries.
Check es aus! (not that many letters, saves time).

That is a roadgap shot by Joel Fraser. Yes, I made it over without dying.

A crazy week in Austria

Just got back from Austria, pretty hectic week but a lot of fun!

Holy crap Austrians put on crazy parties, my entire body is happy that I'm finally home and far away from cheap or even worse, free alcohol. As I already mentioned we just started the world premiere tour of Overseas and did our two first stops this week. If you want to read more about it I suggest you cruise over to www.methodmag.com , www.onboardmag.com or www.pirate-movie-production.com . We also got to see some fun stuff while hanging out in Innsbruck. Like this outdoor billboard of some right-wing dude that isn't too popular, that is actually a big chunk of shit with toilet paper hanging from it.

Notice the nice touch on the bottom of the toilet paper, they got shit there too. Let me just make sure that you know that this is not inside on a toilet or anything like that, it's outside, in the middle of Innsbruck. Austrians are crazy.

Kalle and I also managed to go shredding for the first time this season, I consider this the beginning of the season since all of my shred-gear have been stored away for the summer, which definitely means that the season is over. Before trying to find my stuff I decided to clean up in our storage room and found a lot more than I was expecting. Here's a photo of some of the K2 boards that have been chucked in there after having a bit too many encounters with rocks.

I like to keep my trashed boards, they look great, have to come up with a plan to display them.
There's also one without graphics in there, my team manager gave me one to paint on, never got around to do it though, I'll do it soon, maybe.

But anyways, we got to shred, that's the important part. Kalle and I went up to Hintertux in Austria with Method.tv to film for their next episode and to have some fun. The crazy thing was that we actually had fresh snow up there and the conditions were amazing. I never thought we could have so good conditions this early.

Look, Kalle is so stoked that he tried to make me his bitch, it didn't work.

Does anyone remember the song "Shiny, Happy People" by R.E.M? They were singing about us.
Kalle, Prendi, Me and Mikke as we call him. Those dudes with cams (Mikke is hiding his) are filming for method.tv.

The first day we were up there we just cruised around the glaciers, finding bumps to ollie off and try to get in tricks wherever we could. That's what snowboarding always has been about for me, I grew up in a hill where we weren't allowed to have jumps, so we would just do tricks on all the icy rollers, ahhhh... Nostalgia used to be so much better in the good ol' days.
Anyway, we had bluebird and fresh snow resembling powder, not bad for mid September.

The next day we went up, we were in even more luck. They had just finished the park and due to some clouds we were only 4 snowboarders riding the park. The crazy part though was that even if the whole mountain was covered in clouds, the park always had sunshine. It was really weird actually, you could hardly see shit going up the lift, but as soon as you found your way to the park it was clear and sunny. I'll let you know when Method.tv comes out with that episode so you can see how much fun we had. Be jealous, it's ok, because we truly had a better time than you unless you are Marko Grilc or Stefan Gimpl. Here's a quiz, guess who the two other guys riding the park were.

Here's what Kalle thinks of our day, thumb up and peace! He one ups the Japanese!

I'm just supla coor haldco shiny happy, snowboald styre!

On the way up to Hintertux we passed this hotel, I love their honesty but I'm not so sure it's the smartest marketing stunt. I'm quite positive I'll never stay at a hotel with a name like that.

I would like to end this post by saying thanks to the joined forces that made my travel back home possible. After a great party in Dornbirn, I gathered my bags and headed for the train station. Turned out that even though Dornbirn is only 2 hours away from Munich, the train ride was approximately 6 hours, and that was if the connecting trains in fact did connect, which they probably wouldn't. So my only chance of getting home was to get a ride to the airport. Unfortunately everyone was still kinda drunk and couldn't give me a ride. Everyone was trying to come up with creative ideas to how I could get to Munich in time and I truly, truly appreciate all the effort people put into it. After a while, Bags (not the stuff you put stuff in, the dude Bags) managed to find a friend who had a sober brother who saw no problem in giving me a ride to Munich. So Rudolph showed up in an awesome silver Audi quatro, which he magically managed to squeeze my boardbag in to and made sure I checked in with good time. This one goes out to everyone who might have the chance to hang out with this dude, do it. Rudolph from Dornbirn (didn't catch his last name) is fucking awesome.

Here's a pic from inside the car, 180 km/h , that's how you get to Munich really fast.

I found this pic on my phone too, this dude asked me to sign his head, which I did, even put in some love it looks like.

This guy is probably the biggest PMP fan in the world, he got a pirate logo tattoo, made specially for the occasion, talk about dedication!

Here's some of the 900 paying customers that showed up for our premiere in Dornbirn, it was also really easy to sneak in for free, so I guess it was a lot more than a 900 there.. I put my finger in the shot because I didn't like the people up in the right corner.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Podcast up in da hizzy

How's it going?
Did I meet you at our premiere?
Well, check out this videoclip podcast provided by Pirates, and see crazy Austrians pogo dancing and Austrimaican, bamba-clat!!

Press the pic to get to a page where you can start downloading the podcast.

yeah dawg.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Shralp.com, snowboarding, surfing and video podcasts.... a great site to waste some valuable internet time and it was started by a dude named Boris, Boris is awesome.
Yeah, that's right... I'm doing ads now... Not really, but take a look anyway.

duuuuuuhhhh.... Austria?

It's been a while since my last post, and I'm sorry for that.. At least I pretend to be. To be honest I really couldn't care less, my blog, my rules.
The reason for the lack of posts is that I have been down in Austria since Saturday. Whenever I go to Austria I catch a weird disease called Retardaustrianism. I become retarded as soon as I cross the Austrian border, and stay like that for about 7 days. This illness usually means that I misplace all my personal belongings and have to go to different friends houses to relocate it. This time it was my computer that was causing the biggest problem. I found it at Ludschi's house though, right next to a bunch of my other stuff I had forgotten all about. Some may say that the Austrian beer has something to do with my disorder, but personally I think it got something to do with the magnetic fields of the mountains. Those fuckers are pulling my brain apart.

But enough about that, I'm down here because of the world premiere for our film Overseas.
It was shit loads of fun and the film was great.

Here's a pic from the premiere. Can you spell crowded? This was the main party room. You're not seeing the overfilled backstage room , one bar and the first hall that was about the same size as this room.

I really can't be bothered to write more about it than that, I'm kinda tired, went snowboarding today in fresh powder-like snow.
I know.
It's fucking September and I'm riding in fresh snow.
Global warming is officially canceled.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pirates world Premiere coming up!

I'll be heading down to Innsbruck in Austria on Saturday day to attend the world premiere of our brand new film Overseas. It's always shitloads of fun and I'm really excited about going down again. Eirik Haugo and I will meet up with Kalle-O at the Munich airport around noon and hopefully start the mayhem already there, I know Haugo is a badass at celebration starting earlier than what is considered healthy.

Main editing dudes Cepten(a great German variation of the distinction Captain) and Basti have been stuck the last weeks in Prague doing the final touch ups and color correcting of the flick and have reported that the film is looking sick. You know you are eating cherries with the big ballers when you need to go to the beer capital of the world to make your colors a bit more vivid.

In addition to first time screening of the finished product there will also be concerts with long time Pirate friends, I-shine (the guys behind the custom made Overseas song in our teaser) and Trouble Andrew, You know, Trevor Andrew's musical project (no idea what kind of music it is, kinda electronical indie pop punk with international sprinkles? I have no fucking clue what to call it to be honest). Sweet, music and party, together with other DJs, Bob will play music more of my liking, Bob is cool, he is also known as Schnipfel (I just love that name, a 10.0 on the strange-o-meter). Bob's real name is Stefan.

So if you got the chance, be there, it's always a blast. If you see me, hit me up and we'll have a beer together!

Here's the teaser again for those of you that need a reminder to why you should come.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Funny stuff!

I have absolutely no idea what to write about today..
I got some fun news but nothing is certain yet so it will have to wait.

In stead I want to introduce (well maybe many of you know him, but then again; My blog, my rules) you to my favorite comedian at the moment.
Great jokes kinda similar to the great but late Mitch Hedburg.
Here's some jokes by Demetri Martin (you find a lot more on youtube).

While we're on the subject of comedians I can also let you know that I seriously fucking hate Achmed the dead Terrorist. To me it's one joke been repeated over some retarded semi-racist half-jokes aimed at people who thinks jokes should be about people who are different.
Fucking hell!! it's not even close to being funny, I'm checking it out now to see if I might be wrong, I wasn't, it's hopelessly stupid.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogging from an appartment in Norway

Recently it became obvious to me that running a blog must be way easier when stuff is actually happening. I'm sitting in my apartment trying to figure out what in the hell I can update my blog with. Imagine how much easier this could be if interesting stuff happened all the time and I could tell you about that. I guess gossip would be the most popular news, people love gossip. I might start up some fake gossip section on this blog to make it more entertaining. Snowboard mags always asks me and a bunch of other guys if we have news and gossip for the their mags, and usually I don't. That's why lying is way more fun. "Got no news? Make some up!"

I'll start to lie more, come to think of it, I'll probably increase my swearing too.

It's just reported from Hollywood that Denzel Washington was refused entry to a night club Friday night when he was thought to be another bar patron. "Sorry Danny Larsen, you're not welcome here anymore, last time we caught you setting fire to a couch, with people still in it".
Even though Mr. Washington tried helplessly to explain that he wasn't this "Danny Larsen", the bouncers wouldn't listen and entry was denied.
"Take your torching somewhere else Mr. Larsen" was the last words uttered and Mr. Washington had to leave accompanied by two juiced up bouncers ready to handle any problem that might occur with unnecessary force.

Waaaaaaaay more interesting than telling you about my gray and rainy reality up here in Norwegiana.

Ps... I can't stand the new Metallica song, that was not a lie, it's fucking crap. That's what happens when old men sit down and start of a song writing session with "soooooooo, what do kids listen to these days?"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Drawing for Session.

I ride for an awesome shop in Norway called Session, not to be confused with the clothing company Sessions (there's an "S" making the two names quite different). They hook me up with stuff, shit and things, and usually drinks when we go to the bar. In short; a really nice bunch of guys/a bunch of really nice guys.
Since I like them so much I decided to draw them a drawing that would be nice as a sticker people could put places to show their support.

The grim reaper never goes out of fashion.

These are the instructions good ol' death gave me when I portrayed him:

"Black torn cape and a scythe this year too"
"Hair-do? Hmmm.... Keep it really fucking short, you can actually just trim it down to my skull"
"Put some scary session logo moon behind my head, that sets the mood for taking souls"

"Hey, designer dude, make my entire body spell out Session, that's grim and shit.."
"Is it kinda hard but still possible to read?"
- Yeah, kinda.
" Sweet!"

I think I'll call this drawing "Soul-reaping Session", 'cause to be honest with you, I enjoy harvesting souls.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Some skatepics!

Summer is great because you get to skate.
Skating to me is like a time machine in a lame metaphorical sense. I go to the skate park, jump on my board and suddenly 4 hours have passed without anything but bruised and sore body parts to prove that time has actually passed. Luckily I'm not that good so competing or anything like that has never gotten in the way of my fun.
Looks like the sun is starting to shine (not that common in this time of year in Norway), so I might go out for a skate today too.

Here's some pics from a skate session I had the other day.
Pics by Einar Pfeiffer.

Thread the needle! Hippie jumps are fun, Richie Jackson watch out!

Airtime being caught, that cloud better watch out!

Another interview post?

I'm sorry, it might seem lazy to the untrained eye, but in this one I'm doing the answering.
I'll try to come up with some exclusive "only on Damned Danny's Days!" material soon, have some drawings I thought I could share with you.. We'll see.
Unfortunately to some of you the interview is in Norwegian, so understanding it might be a bit more complicated than other interviews you have read recently.
But who's up for a challenge?!
Check out the interview by pushing this link to www.playboard.no.

Here's a pic of me from my interview/introshoot for Overseas. Pic by Ludschi, drumming by me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Jared is a graphic designer at K2 and a really fun guy to hang out with.
He used to own a car that would practically put his life at risk every time it picked up small amounts of speed, but then again, what's life without some excitement?
Since not all of you are going to get the chance to meet Jared you might as well take a look at this interview on shayboarder.com.

Press the pic of Jared and see what he wants to share with you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interview with Ludschi

I felt like interviewing people for my blog, and my buddy over at Pirate Movie Production came straight to mind. He's an artistic soul and got his strong opinions.
Characteristics that are pretty important to get an interview on Damned Danny's Days.. I don't interview whoever happens to be ready to answer questions, it's a fucking exclusive club Ludschi is the first member of.

I know who you are, but could you shortly introduce yourself?

- My name is Ludschi and I'm 27 years old.

Wow. Short and precise.

- Haha, that's who I am.

That's true, what do you do then? Give me an answer so people reading this understand why I chose you for my first interview.

- What do I do? I'm a multi-tasking maniac, trying to push our force of hungry pirates.
There's too many job titles... But as you said earlier, I'm the Pirates artDiggtator

I called you the Pirates ArtDictator because Dictator is way cooler than Director. Diggtator, what the hell is that?

- That's someone who is in the lead of Digging, if it's the work word or the bigUp word, if you know what I mean.

Not really.

- I try to motivate people with the right mission, digg their work and push it as hard as I can... The digging is more about the work that people don't like so much. Everybody got to do it. In our big project there is also jobs to do that are not as easy in the first place.
Talking strange again, sorry.

That was deep. Did you dig yourself that deep? (Wow! What a lame joke!)
You're also into art yourself, both illustration and photography, can you give me some poetic response to that statement too?

- That I'm in deep or that I do that art stuff too?

The art stuff, you have already given us a glimpse of the deep part.

- These 2 passions have been a part of my life for more than 10 years now. They came up in the same period of my life. I tried to stick to both of them, but had hard times as well where I couldn't express my ideas with photography and illustrations. Maybe because I got ripped over too many times. Now I'm super happy that people digg my stuff too.

Yeah, you're pretty damn good with both illustrations and photography, you got that nice personal touch on both things.

- Thanks dude.

You're more than welcome Sir. Why do you prefer to shoot analog by the way?

- Because it has more passion in it. And Digital photography is no art.

No art? Bold statement, but I like that, to hell with answers that offends no one.

- Digi can be fun sometimes, but when it comes to making the picture look good, you got to let the computer think for you and wait for cables and printers to spit your data out, onto a paper, that might look crap, coz it doesn't fit to the printers preferences, and so on. With analog it's straight burned in a material, where you straight have a beautiful picture that looks better than reality.

"A beautiful picture that looks better than reality", that was definitely the poetic answer I was looking for.
While we're expressing our strong opinions, what is it that you dislike most about snowboarding these days?

-What i dislike most? Hard one, where should I start? I think I'll stick with these two words:
Watching robots doing contests.

You just keep on giving me gold her Mr. Ludschi. Please explain.

- Hahaha!
I just got too much attitude to keep quite I guess

And that's why I wanted to interview you. Wait.. I'm copy/pasting your answers into my blog.

- finito?

No, you're not off the hook quite yet. What is it that you like most about being in the snowboard scene, what keeps you there?

- The only thing keeping me in this scene is the PiratesProject, where I have my freedom to do and say whatever I want and helping others to improve with their skills. The multitasking also keeps me motivated...
Being able to brainstorm in various directions, like analogAnimations, SnowboardPhotography, the combinations of talented people, new projects etc. and straight working on them. We have such a good community, always growing, nice people with a good heart..
I guess I would never leave this family by choice.


I think I got more than I was hoping for here. Some last words you wanna spread?

- Thanks to my family and all the pirates.

And thank you Ludschi.

Ludschi in China I think. Pirate filmer Schnipfel (yeah, it's a crazy name) in the background.

Check out Ludschi's stuff at www.ludschi.com (like a typical photographer he got a "coming soon" notification on his site, haha, but there's links to some of his other projects and blogs too, check it out!)

Here's some of Ludschi's artwork, click them to make them bigger.

Analog shot of me from Montana, it's digital now though.

This piece is called "Bush The Limit" not sure why, it's pretty funny though.

This one is called CookeSucker.. It's pics from a Town called Cooke city, I think that's why it's called CookeSucker.

Here's a collaboration Ludschi and I did. It was pretty fun. Drawings by Ludschi and me in there.

We wanted to call our film ThunderFart this year, but due to some different opinions on that matter we went with Overseas in stead. It all started from this drawing Ludschi did in his sketch book. I still think ThunderFart is an awesome name and word.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pirate T-Shirt

Just got the Pirate merchandise catalog from Ludschi
See what they're selling in there, The Larsen shirt!
80's skate graphic tee which will be available for purchase somehow.
actually the tee wasn't called The Larsen when I sent them the graphic, it was called "Ahhhhhh, Now I see you!". But who cares, The Larsen is something we all wanna put on our upper torso.

press, let me impress.
yeah, that's right rappers of the world, the rhyme magician is up in the hizzy.

talking to tedore

the great thing about time zones is that when it's noon here it's coming home from the bar time over in the states. That is naturally a great source to entertainment.
A late night chat with Sean Tedore.

He didn't really make much sense but I laughed pretty damn hard while talking to him.

Pirate Artbook

With every copy of our new film Overseas you will get an artbook.
Each cover of the film is actually a book that is filled up with art from people in the pirate crew.
Art is such a huge part of the of the snowboard industry and we would like to take part of that. Each year there's a big fuzz about the new board graphics, the photo issues, the music in the films and people in the industry who does new things.
This is our printed contribution and I'm pretty proud to be apart of it.
Here's a sneak peek of the book sent to me by ArtDictator at the pirates, Ludschi.

Click it to dig it.
I'm gonna trademark that, click it to dig it, what a creative individual I am.

Dead Trooper

Saturday evening I went to see Dead Trooper live in Oslo.
I had such a good time there that writing a blog about it on Sunday proved to be a bit challenging.
Well enough about that, I rather want to tell you about the concert.

Dead trooper put on a bad ass show with only half of their members. While two of the guys was in Bergen at Hole In the Sky festival, Birger and Morten got help from Mads (Zeenon) on drums and Tor (1349).

I don't really know what to write about this show, it was just fucking great. They played a bunch of new songs and it sounded like Dead Trooper just got better. Yeah like I already told you, I don't really know what more to write, you should just go and check out Dead Trooper's page (new site coming up soon). Feel bad that you weren't there, you missed out.

Here's some shaky pics from my phone.

Birger, guitar motherfucking hero. Check that power stand, he fucking owns everyone in the hall and he knows it.

Morten looks like a pissed off Orc.

I think this is from the double guitar solo on reaping of your cries, not sure though.

Nope, not pyrotechnics, just awesomeness.

Tor and Morten, Morten is probably screaming.

Here he's chanting We're number 1, we're number one! While the dude in the audience goes, two! two!Two! It got really messy when the guy in the audience poked Morten in the eyes, it happened about 3 secs after I took this pic. Blood and eye juice all over the place.. yuk.