Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jib Trip

Back from the jib trip with the Russians. Yet again we were bitch-slapped in the face by plus-degrees. The temperature had transformed the snow in to a crusty layer of white wetness. We did manage to get some shots though. Filming jibs is fun because you never have to hike more than a couple of meters and the landing doesn't get fucked up if someone fucks up and land on some body parts in stead of the board. The problem with jibs though is that they tend to be hard on knees, and they gave my knees a little beating the other day. No biggie though, just a small owie that let's me take a couple of days off. Landing flat from house drops is so lame, have to stop doing that and try to hit the landings in stead.

This is what Russians do at house parties, Roshambo where the loser gets a little smack on the forehead, it's very classy.

Passing the Russians on the highway, classy.

Forest wallpaper, Lev is a wolf, aoooooooo

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As you might have understood, we have started shooting for next years Pirate Movie Productions project. This of course means a looooot of time on the road. Been up since 6.30 this morning packing, finishing up on emails and thinking "man, I could at least have slept another 30 minutes".
I'm heading toward Germany or Czech republic, not quite sure actually, but I'm traveling with a bunch of Russians so I don't really care anyway. Russians are funny, they have promised to teach me some Russian on this trip and I'm looking forward to it. Who knows if this trip is going to be another inter-njet trip or if we gonna tumble over some free Internet laying about. Hopefully I'll be able to do some updates, because those Russians are damn funny. Oh! Dmitri just woke up, time to go.. No wait, his first words this morning was "maybe we shouldn't go", not exactly sure why but I guess it was just his need of saying strange things that kicked in.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vote for us!

Do us a favor and visit this link to vote for our film as the European Video of the Year.
In case you suffered a blow to the head and forgot the name of our film it's "Overseas".

do it.
You need to scroll down on the page to get to the nominees.

Yet another contest

I've been busy, really busy. Been shooting with pirates down in Italy and we haven't been blessed with internet connection for over a week. So if it's not my fault, I'm not gonna feel bad for not updating. That makes sense, right?

What you can do though, in stead off thinking that Italy story was a lame excuse, is to enter a web page which is magically linked through the pic below and enter the king of S.N.O.W contest to win some sick K2 Auto bindings. Those bindings are so sick, thumbs up from other pros riding for other companies (so naturally no names being mentioned here, gonna keep this classy) who tried my board for sidesliping inruns in the spaghetti backcountry.

The trick you have to copy is a frontside bardslide to fakie (not this pic though, that's a fs tail wheelie rocker binding cozy slash with a sweet mustasche, but I guess you knew that already), you can easily pull that off and win those bindings.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Danny vs Lanny Update

Looks like we got some good contestants out there, the guys from Luzern are killing it! Go to the contest site by clicking that fantastic web banner and you'll get to take a little looksie.

Serious Athlete

I'm starting to become a really serious athlete. Up at 4 AM, jog for 2 hours, protein shakes, personal trainer, heavy carb diet, special sport shrink to help me achieve my goals, coverage in newspapers.
Everything listed here is a stinking lie, except for one thing. If you know Norwegian you can read the story, if you just like to look at pictures in foreign newspapers you can also do that by clicking the pic below.

"Himmelsk arbeid" means "heavenly work", and yes it is, it's all biblical and shit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Just got a link from Tracy Anderson, snowboard Honcho over at ESPN.
Before my girlfriend gets too embarrassed I would like to say that we have redecorated the whole apartment, it doesn't look like a frat house hit by hurricane anymore. There's still just as many skulls though.. I like skulls.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

too busy

Too busy to write a real post, I'm learning to play the harmonica.
Check this out in stead.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolution

As a new years resolution, I will promise to read and check my blog posts before I post them. We might see a slight improvement when it comes to grammar and stuff like that. Emphasis on the "might"-part by the way, I'm Norwegian, don't expect too much.

* Grammar check for this post: Maybe OK. *

"I don't give a fuck what you wear"

There's a bunch small pricks out there that feel that it's necessary to make a fucking big deal about what other people wear on the hill. It's so damn retarded I'm gonna let Bradshaw tell you about in stead.
I used to hang out with Bradshaw back in the days by the way, that's one cool dude. No wait, he's one thugged out G, ya heard, wit doze pantz he gotz to be ghetto yo.
Fuck, just making fun of the whole clothing style discussion with that stupid comment made my morals hurt. It must be morally painful being so ignorant.

Check out Bradshaw's interview on

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pirate Web Log Scandinavia!

The Pirates posted a web log about our annual Scandi spring trip.
I always look forward to that trip, it's so good to shoot at home, just the fact that you understand what everyone is saying is a fucking great. In addition to being to be "back home" (when you spend so much time abroad you start to include all of Scandinavia as home, I guess it's our viking blood kicking in) we also end up finding a bunch of sweet spots so it's usually also a very productive trip.
To be honest I'm already looking forward to do this trip again this year and it's only the beginning of the season, hope we'll get a lot of snow this year too. Well anyways, check it out,

Pirates in Sweden and Norway.