Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm in Austria and I smell bad.

Blooooog fucking blog.
It's not like I try to suck at blogging, it jst happens. We share this USB modem that picks up internet waves right out of thin air. The problem is that it's unstable, slow and we're not able to really upload or download anything. But at least we got internet, a big upgrade from previous years.

I'm still in Austria, nothing bad about Austria but I'm starting to get pretty fed up with this country. I guess it's just because we haven't had nice weather in like one month. It's been blizzards, fog, rain, storm and a lot of other funny weather conditions that makes snowboarding kinda hard to do.

To make it even more fun, the landlord decided to cut of heating and water, so at the moment we smell bad and we're kinda cold. It's nice to sit indoors with flanel jackets on, it's like camping inside.

I've been shooting some pics lately that I planned to put up on my blog, and here are some of them.

Haugo blasting out mad ollies on mad pillows, he even stomped it, daaaaaaaaaamn!

I do methods, if you're going of big cliffs like this you better go without goggels and beanies to make it even more extreme.

Lift lines with Dutch people in skiboots is frustrating and funny at the same time.

Clem the french filmer enjoying the view in an Austrian mountain hotel.

Haugo is trying to find our cars, he had a metal detector and found it eventually.

Haugo takes trains and hydrates himself, he doesn't like us watching though.

Kalle trying to find out where the kicker and landing is, not easy in a blizzard.

Dimitri and Monika.

Our view right before Stephan Maurer drove into Dimitri.

This dude is a bit too gay, even for a hairdresser sculpture. Nothing wrong with gays though, but there's a lot wrong with this guy.

Kalle is pissed off at the coconut, coconuts are hard to open.

Stab stab stab!!

Or just go for caveman style, smash!

I'm gonna buy this.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Soooooo.. been a long time.. drinking some beers with good friends Kalle(who`s not drinking cause he`s driving), Justin, Claudia (Burritos el differente), Carlos (famous for face expressions) and his roommate Babsi.
I promised freddie five finger to do an update so I did..
I`m gonna try to do this more often now..
Blogging is hard in a country that is internet challenged.

Muy bueno, quanta costa cerveza senorita? Putas botas naranjas! Culo!