Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cooke City Pirate Log

Check out the new pirate log from one of my favorite trips this season, Cooke city.
Simply push the pic below and you'll be gently escorted in to winter wonderland.

Methods, just got to love'em.

Josh Sherman, stoked about the snow in Cooke city, haha, what a kook!

So Hot Right Now, no wait, so hot right then I mean.

So hot right now!
It's funny how that has turned in to a normal saying, is it all because of Will Ferrel's character in Zoolander? What's his name again, Mugatu, Mugato? Anyway, sooooo hot right now.

Method mag did a So hot right now check out with me some years ago and I just found it on the web, I love finding old stuff like that! It's a sick video, Opening part by Jules Reymond and closer by me, Markus Keller is the middle seat bitch on this one. It's a fun little film, I just wished I knew how many years ago this was, I'm guessing 48 years ago..

Wait, I think it was 4 years, anyway, press that picture of me to check it out.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

shredding in Oslo!

First day of shredding in Oslo today, fucking sick.
Went with my buddy Tom and we caught air all night, pretty epic.
We also had a photo shoot with my Holga, banger shots guaranteed. errr.. let me rephrase that, probably no banger shots, but I'm putting my money on amusing and enjoyable shots, those are the best ones.
this entire post was written with my right hand only since I'm eating chincken with the left one. I'm a multitasking machine that loves chicken.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slayer LIVE!!

A night of highlights!
Seeing Slayer live is fucking rad, seeing Slayer live for free is just fucking hopelessly awesome.

This is what I got at the ticket counter, Playboard kicks anyone's ass, anytime, anywhere.

Here are some highlights from the night:

- They played the new song Psychopathy red, that song kicks ass, Slayer old-school greatness! Holy shit, it sounds like Araya got Rabies and tries to beat every one up through the mic.

- Angel of Death, no need to explain why this was one of the highlights, "Auschwitz, the meaning of pain, the way that I want you to die!" Kinda fucking creepy having a big picture of Dr Mengele and Hitler on the big screen, just making it painfully clear what the song is about.

- Raining blood, everyone went fucking mental, the whole stadium was a mess of headbanging and horns. I had a hard time paying attention to what was going on on stage, was too busy banging my head off.

This is during the "thunderstorm" of Raining blood.

- Season in the abyss, one of my absolute favorites, no reason to say why I absolutely loved this.

- Jihad, the intro alone makes this a scary moment.

- South of heaven, started with some lame animation of 3 crosses slowly turning in to 3 upside down crosses. They definitely get a minus for the lame big screen, showing a screen saver of Slayer graphics, but who cares with a song like that?

- The Animal. Infamous Norwegian party monster that fuels on alcohol. After the third song, the Animal stripped down to shirtless and had his own moshpit with no one else participating. The Animal basically started 20 fights within 20 minutes but luckily he's an intimidating creature so no one, except one of the singers in Purified in Blood dared to do anything about it. The Animal is no match for that dude, so he was politely but firm forced to the ground, they're friends though, so all good fun.

After the show was over I couldn't help to think "how the hell do all those guys stay chubby? The energy level is that of an hyperactive 16 year old on speed. Headbanger galore all night long and the guys are well in to their 40's. I hope that's me when I reach the golden age of midlife crisis.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Fuck yeah, SLAYER live in Oslo tonight!

Thanks to Ole and the guys and the guys in Purified in Blood I got a ticket to Slayer, thank you so fucking much guys!

Unholy Alliance!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

today's blogpost

Too lazy to write something, so instead you can read what Kalle wrote about our US trip by clicking that pic of us in the Studio.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have been a hardcore Guns N Roses fan for a long, long time. I believe that Appetite for Destruction is the best album ever made and still wear all my Guns N roses t-shirts with pride.
Naturally I was a bit worried when I heard Axl was gonna make his own album without the rest of the guys some 14 years ago. Guns N Roses without Izzy Stradlin was a hard pill to swallow, but as long as they had Slash, Duff and Axl I was happy. Of course the drummers changed too, but I'm not that into drums, I'm not capable to pick drummers apart, so whoever played was the same to me (even though I liked Steven Adler's rawer drumming better, Matt Sorum's drumming was fucking insane as well). But that Axl would do an album without the fucking essence of the band was definitely disappointing. But then again, he wrote a lot of the best songs, so in theory he could pull it off.

On is the fruits of 14 years labour out for free listening, that's pretty cool of them, to put the whole album out on myspace so people can check it out. It's like a 5 year old who shows his mom that he managed to make a combination of dogshit, mud and boogers look like boogers, mud and dog shit. Holy fuck this album is horrible! Axl has fucking spent 14 years planning how to rape my ears through speakers. It hurts! WHAT THE FUCK! Electronica/Techno beats and industrial/electro sampling?! (You have to bear with me with those expressions, I have no idea what qualifies as techno or electronica, I just know it sucks). This is a experiment gone horribly wrong, like inventing Ebola when you're trying to develop a cure for cancer. The worst is that he fucking does it under the Guns N Roses name. Now I'm gonna be slightly ashamed every time I put on my Appetite for Destruction T-shirt, thank you Axl, you fucked it all up! Guns N roses is no longer my favorite band, it used to be back in the days.

I'm not even gonna bother to put a pic of the album up, even the cover sucks.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fucking sick Metal Album!

Been listening to the new Dead Trooper album night and day lately.
Fucking best metal album I heard in a long time.
I just checked itunes, it's now on 17 plays, but I've been listening to it in my car too.

"I see you're scared, and I like it!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transworld Web interview

I'm fucking over-compensating for the lack of posts lately, I'm spamming my own blog.
Well, I got a lot on my mind and really don't want to sit down and study for an exam.
I better though, all of that stuff is still Greek to me, let's make that Chinese, even harder.

Anyway, when I was over in California I got to stop by the Transworld office to do a web interview.
If you think that could be somewhat interesting I urge you to fucking click that pic of me in the Folgefonna sunset and check it out/check es aus (German is easier than both Greek and Chinese).
To those of you that came to my blog from the Transworld site, I guess this is not news to you, but that's reality, sometimes life gives you shit apples.

Danny Larsen VS Lanny Darsen.

Who wants a free board, even though it means dressing up like me?
I know, it's quite a sacrifice, not to mention embarasing, but if you enter the "Dress up like Danny Larsen, be Lanny Darsen" contest at you will be able to win a limited edition K2 WWW rocker.

Press the pic to check how you can get in on the action.

This is what you can win, I even scribbled some shit on the nose. That board is fucking rad though, a jib board with rocker, buttery ass tight, that's what that is.

New Pirate Web Log

Pretty fucking cool edit with shots that didn't make the cut, press the pic to check it out.

Shots from where we hang out a lot, Montafon, Austria.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Episode

More of our preseason riding in September, remember?
Damn son, I'm like fucking Jay-Z up in this hizzy, spittin' out rhymes like there was no tomorizzy.
Click da pic, watch me ride my preseason shred stick.

Judas Priest?

No idea if this is true or not, but I choose to believe, faith is where it's at I guess.
Press the pic to check out a video clip featuring his band, Fratello Metallo. He got an awesome scream at the end, heavy metal monks is definitely the new black metal.

Talking about Pirates

Do you wanna hear Pat Bridges asking us about Pirates?
Pat is a fucking cool dude.

Click the pic to go to the interview on
Oh, this is the day after Sani and I got food poisoning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back home

Holy crap shit.
I've been fucking worse at blogging than O.J at not breaking the law.
But fear not, I'm back home with a bit more stable internet connection and a bit more than 10 minutes each day to update this piece of crap blogspot.

I'm probably gonna get sued for this, but I stole this pic from Transworld Snowboarding's website. Go visit their website.

Cliff dropping in November, damn straight.
Pic by Joe Carlino / Transworld Snowboarding.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Riding in Mammoth

I didn't post any pics because I like to lie. I never planned to post any pics, I just wanted to raise your hopes and then crush them. Actually I was just too lazy, but I made a small movie in stead. Here it is.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going to Mammoth

I'm going to Mammoth now, have to check out in 2 minutes, that's why this is so short.
I'll post pics soon. Pinky swear.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jetlag fuelled insomnia

It's 4 in the morning, been wide awake for 2 hours and no chance in hell of getting back to sleep.
Drew from the pirate crew came in about an hour ago, he said that he had been handcuffed for no apparent reason and the officers threatened to put him in jail because he was pissed off that they handcuffed him. They had a suspicion that Drew and 9 of his friends had found the time to break in to a car while going home from a party in a taxi. Sounds quite logical to me, take a taxi home from a party, stop for 5 minutes to break into a car while the meter is running and continue in the same taxi to an afterparty where your friends that you're with live. I'm so happy that cops back home treat you as a suspect instead of a criminal if they believe you have done something illegal.
Well, end of story is that they threatened to put him in jail if he ever opened his mouth to a LAPD again, nice.

We on the other hand had a nice and quite evening. Had a dinner in Venice together with some friends of Sani. After we were done eating, Sani's face suddenly turned hot red, his eyes started watering up and he lost feeling in his arms, not the perfect reaction to a good meal. He started swaying a bit from side to side while he told us what was pretty fucking obvious, he was not feeling very well. It was really scary actually, he said his heart started pumping like crazy and he felt his face getting super warm. That's also the first time he ever reacted like that to any kind of food. So we payed and discussed whether we should go to the hospital or not. Sani is a man so he went with the good ol' "I'll try to sleep it off" routine.S We got back in that car and got a ride back when I started to fee really fucking warm as well, by the time I got out of the car Kalle said something in the lines of "holy fuck your face is red!" Then the headache kicked in, my eyes went red and I started feeling rather shitty. When I got into my room I saw that my upper torso also had turned into an interesting mix of Norwegian pale and British sunburned red. The fucked part is that both Sani and I had the same Tuna dish. I have no idea what they put in that dish, but I'm never going back, that's for sure. I wonder what the hell that was, at least I'm feeling better now though.


I'm in LA, sitting at a hotel and desperately fighting jetlag.
Jetlag's a bitch.
I had a cup of coffee that was about the size of a bathtub which is starting to kick in, so hopefully my head will soon understand that I'm asking it to work overtime.
I'm probably gonna wake up at 5.30 A.M tomorrow, so I'll write more then.

wow, what an incredibly boring post...

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Slayer song!

This sounds pretty damn rad!

my own webbanner!

I found this

at this site!

my first spam bar!

it's pouring down.

Norway isn't exactly pretty in the fall.
Imagine that you eat a gallon of gray oil paint, 1 pound of dead leaves, digest it for about 5 hours and puke it up while it's raining. That's pretty much what our reality looks like up here and it's not doing wonders for my mood. I have pulled the drapes. I'm also going to put on some music and make a cup of coffee, it's just a matter of blocking reality while I get some work done at home. Escaping reality is what Norway is all about in the fall.

This is my local hill Kirkerud at its current state.

But who the fuck cares anyway? I'm leaving for LA tomorrow and I'm happy that my snowboard season has started even though it's mainly a promo tour for Overseas. It's gonna be a week filled up with cruising around in California and I'm pretty stoked. The end of our tour will be a 3 day premier/shred session up in Mammoth. Mammoth is great, they got snow already, check out this video I stole from some friends, pretty radical.

Mammoth Opening Week from Some dudes that I know on internet video site.

The action at 1:24 looks pretty sketchy, but damn it looks fun. Isn't that the song that the uncle in Home Alone sings in the shower, you know, the one that Macklukli Cucklin's character records and plays when he's moving that inflatable clown around in the shower to scare of that dude in the New York hotel?

Friday, November 7, 2008

snowboard awards

Today is the Norwegian snowboard awards. I know who's winning the rookie awards, it's not a big surprise who gets it. I might write about it tomorrow.
It's freezing and rainy out, what a great evening. I'll jump in the shower now, need to be clean when I put on a shirt and tie. That's right, I'm a classy mytherfycker.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Damn it!

Well, didn't get to snowboard today, my car is fucked and I had to take it to the shop.
Awesome, just fucking awesome.
I read a book in stead, so at least my brain got something out of it.

Gonna snowboard today.

Planning to do handplants.
It's good to have a plan, it makes everything more efficient.
Fuck fun and creativity.
Speaking of fun and creativity, if you're into that stuff and like snowboarding as well, I suggest you check out the snowboard realms.
TJ Schneider (who actually got a cameo part in my part this year) has just launched the second season of the snowboard realms. It looks like a new season of shred fun with herr Schneidermeier, you even have the chance to to hook up with him and get your face in one of the episodes.

So press the pic and go to

These are my seconds of fame in snowboard realms last year. No snow don't stop us, we had taken no control pills for a week before we shot this. I tried to take som loose goose injections to even it out, but it didn't work. Next time I'll just slap on a silly willy patch.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some prints

Went to a printing place to put some of my drawings on paper.
Turned out pretty good, I'm stoked.
Gonna try to find birthday presents for my mom and dad, not stoked, it's fucking impossible to find something for those two.

No idea why I show you these pictures, they look like shit here.. well well.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

U.S Election

The Election is on..
This one goes out to Americans reading this, do the rest of the world a favor and vote. Your presidential election affects the rest of the world a great deal and I would love to see as many as possible vote.
If you are going to vote, vote over politics in stead of what picture the media paints of personalities, they are usually misleading and won't help at all to elect the most suited leader for USA. So take a look at this webpage, it lists up 10 big differences between Obama and Mccain's politics, so read it and base your decission on who you believe will be better for America and the rest of the world, seems to me that the choice is quite obvious but I'm not going to try and affect your decission, make up your own mind.
Here's the link again.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday fucking morning

Well, it's far from morning, but still it's Monday.
I don't really mind Mondays, they're just another day in the week. Only boring part about this weekday is that everyone is at work or school. I'm usually at home trying to study or do something useful, but it's really boring. Holy fuck, it's pretty fucked up that people cheat the system to be able to stay on welfare and just hang out at home all the time, what a fucking dead end life.
I'm gonna go and read and learn something after I'm done writing this.
You, my dear reader, is priority number one. Well, second after having a cup of coffee, that 's priority number one, but I'm good at multitasking so you will be in a shared first place, you lucky son of a bitch.
At the moment I just want to shred (that's my job, so I'm actually trying to be productive, kinda).
Actually I went shredding yesterday, we went to a small hill where I started snowboarding back in the days. We put up a small set up of 2 flat boxes like a flat down and had a nice little session. It was good to do the good ol' "hike whatever we have" routine. I'm going back as soon as possible, cause that shit was fun.

Here's some pics from my weekend. I have absolutely no idea why I think any of you might find this interesting, but what the hell, people seem to enjoy Kanye West so I guess there's a lot of stuff I'm not supposed to understand.

Birger from Dead Trooper came over for tacos and beer, that was nice. He showed me a unfinished version of their new album and it's truly fucking great. I'm really looking forward to it's completely finished, because that was some seriously good metal, it's going on constant repeat. In this picture we don't play metal, we play blues and make retarded faces. People call me "gold arm" for obvious reasons.

This is the first thing I saw when I entered a metal club filled up with people dressed up as something that had been stabbed. The funny thing about metal clubs at Halloween is that it's hard to figure out if people have dressed up or not, I mean if you go there on a regular day
you will see that about 50% of the people look like they're going to a vampire or Matrix party.

Birger was on the retarded face program all night.

On the way to shred-Sunday I passed the most ghetto tree house in history. It looks like a crack house for kids.

This is the hill where I started snowboarding, in the ghetttooooo! It's actually a nice place, but this is what Norway looks like in the fall, does it make sense why Norwegian play and listen to Black metal now? Oh, they're rebuilding the kindergarten, that's why it looks extra hobo-ish.