Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today's blog

I'm going out drinking with friends.
At least I'm keeping you informed.. Dead Trooper is having a concert. I'm probably going to write about that tomorrow.. just to give you a heads up I mean.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Black Beans

I'm having fried eggs and black beans.
Black beans are not that common in Norway but I love them.
I also spiced it up with some red devil hot sauce..
this is probably the most uninteresting blog I have ever written. Sorry, you deserve better than this.

Oh! I went skating with Ole from Norwegian Playboard Magazine today, he was pretty damn good on his weirdly shaped skateboard. Check out , they have a lot of interesting stuff.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Car, sick?

Today I had our car in for a periodic control.
Imagine your'e cheating on your taxes and you're being audited. That' the feeling I had when I drove in to the mechanics to have it checked and have all of it's damages discovered.
While they checked it I went out skating a newly built skateramp in the middle of my home town. It's probably the best ramp I've ever skated and it was hard leaving it to go to some mechanic who was bound to laugh in my face while screaming "Do you know how much fucked up stuff we found with your car, you're fucked son!".

I got there and talked to the mechanic who did the test.
"You're windshield is a bit scratched, you might wanna check that out, but the car is approved, here's your key"
It's a motherfucking miracle, and now I'm celebrating..
Any typos are the result of the celebrating.
Thank the booze-god for drunk mechanics (the only solution I can find to the car report)

Damn I'm happy, and here's my well functioning pride.

Skate pic

Just got this pic of me from Kyrre K. Bergersen who was shooting some pics in the skatepark. I tweaked the colors a bit, but it was a digi pic so it's completely expected and ok to mess with it. (plus he said "go ahead!" when I asked him if it was ok, he's a graphic designer, he gets it)

I think his pic was really nice but I wanted to get that fucked up film look which you would expect from a camera you got from your grandpa back in the days. It's kinda fun that I like to get digi photos so I can twist and bend it to make them look analog. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work when I think about it. It's like buying a car and rip out the engine so you can have a great and realistic toy car.

I guess I'll stick to analog cams myself and let people who are good with digi cams work their magic there. I'm pretty sure we're gonna have an analog cam renaissance pretty soon, the nice and warm colors of film is pretty cool, plus having an actual print or slide in your hands beats having a folder on your computer any day. Before I went back to analog cams I had totally forgotten how fun it is to wait for the slides to be developed and not really knowing how they turned out. I guess I'm a bit tired of everything being perfect. People get digital pictures to look amazing and I truly love all of those super clear and vivid pics, but when you had candy for weeks you're bound to start longing for something salty or bitter.

Digi cams makes it easier to shoot a lot though.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going up the country!

Just a great video of a great song to get you in good mood.
You're welcome!

Library of the walking dead.

I'm sitting at at a library, getting away from home so it's easier not to lose my concentration which easily happens at home.
Libraries are dying.
I walked in and practically the only people in here were alcoholics and weird dudes with mullets. They're all about checking the internet. I think I saw three people actually looking at books, one was reading, the rest were hanging by the free internet computers.
It feels like I'm walking into some sort of ghost town occupied by the ghosts of the late 90's, ready to check out what's happening on the world wide web. My guess is that they're checking out "awesome cars" or checking out babes on some sort of babe-rating page. Chances are that they also are catching up on sport news, mainly about some uninteresting happening in the world of football (soccer to you Americans who got it all wrong when it comes to the word football).

I'm in a study hall with a pretty awesome acoustic, just let one go but no one heard it. It's like that old riddle; If a person farts in a completely deserted study hall, does it make a sound or even matter?

Looks like they had some assembly here in the study hall but had to leave in a hurry. There was obviously one person too cool to face the front and sit in a black chair. I can assure you these seats were empty before I farted. Guys think farts are funny their whole life, it's a scientific fact.

I'm going to turn my attention to my books now.
I'm a fucking library rebel!
Read baby read!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Black metal

I love Norwegian Black metal.
A lot of people have only a vague and wrong idea of what it is and they usually call it Death metal.
Black and Death metal is not the same.
I'm not going to explain the difference, look it up yourself. Just remember when you're talking about those corpse painted church burners in Norway you're talking about Black Metal.

A lot of the black metal bands have satanic and anti-religious (usually anti-christian) lyrics and images. That is not why I like it, I actually couldn't care less if they were christian or atheists.
But there's something I wanna say right now to clear up some misunderstandings. As far as I've understood (and I'm not expert by any means) the so called satanists do not believe in or worship Satan. Satan is a biblical figure. To believe in Satan like most people think of him you have to be some kind of christian. To worship Satan you must be some sort of christian that got it all wrong.
Most satanists believe in empowerment of the individual, you're your own god.
I think they use "Satan" as a symbol of anti-religion or something like that.

Don't confuse this with my personal opinions, I'm a nofuckingclueist. I do not have anything against any religion.

But fuck that crap. I like Black metal because it's scary and fucking awesome.
I'm going to introduce you to some of my favorite Black Metal bands, don't worry about their lyrics, it's impossible to understand anyway, just let them scare you. Black metal is like a horror film for your ears.

Windir was fucking great.
It started of as an one man project by Valfar (R.I.P) and then turned in to a full band when the music got to complicated for Valfar to play everything himself.
One man bands are kind of popular in Black Metal.
Actually Valfar didn't like to call his music black metal, he preferred to call it Sognemetal. He was from a place called Sogn and basically all of his music was inspired by local history. He wanted to separate his music from the "Satan worshipers" in the Black metal scene. But all in all, his music was Black metal, brilliant black metal.
The music itself is a mix of traditional Norwegian folk music and Black metal and most of his lyrics are in an ancient version of his dialect called Saognamaol. (Oh! There Windir started playing on iTunes, I have it on shuffle). Saognamaol is a weird language, even though it's Norwegian I hardly understand half of his lyrics.
Check out Windir here:
Make sure to check out the song Arntor, Ein Windir in the sound section!


The kings of Blashyrkh!
These guys are the guys you will find occupying the top 9 spots in all the "top 10 most ridiculous black metal pics". Don't be fooled though, Immortal is fucking awesome.
I guess Immortal were among the first to start the Bergen Black Metal scene.
Immortal was founded by living legends Abbath Doom Occulta and Demonaz Doom Occulta. Imortal are not "satanists" either, but they have come up with their own mythical kingdom, or hell if you want, called Blashyrkh which most of their songs are about.
Expect fast guitars, awesome drumming and the best vox in black metal by Abbath.
They broke up some years ago, but luckily they got back together even though Demonaz no longer can play guitar due to some illness (he can't play as fast as he needs to to be in Immortal) he is still with the band writing a lot of their music.

Check them out at:


well Satyricon is a weird band. It's only officially two guys in the band (Satyr and Frost) and they switch between making hardcore legendary black metal (like Mother North) to more mainstream Radio-friendly Black metal (like K.I.N.G, which I like by the way, I know, I like sellout BM...)
They're about to release a new album, which is going to be really interesting since their last album took a pretty drastic turn towards more mainstream metal, still good in my opinion, but more mainstream nonetheless.

Check them out (and their new song My Skin Is Cold) at: (unfortunately only songs from their latest album)


Darkthrone is just fucking great, True Norwegian Black Metal, Nasty and dirty.
Transylvaninan Hunger is what I think real black metal should sound like.
Their latest album F.O.A.D isn't really black metal, it's Evil rock, or at least that's what they call it on their album.
Darkthrone is just fucking great, no need to say more than that.

"modern metal, I don't give a fuck, ugh! I was raised on rock!" - Raised on Rock, F.O.A.D

Check them out at:

I also like much more but don't feel like writing more at the moment, or actually don't know what to write..

Check out these bands:
Burzum (One man band by a complete fuck-up, but he made cool music back in the days.)
1349 (Fast and scary!)
Ulver (these guys make all kinds of music, but their black metal stuff is really good)
Enslaved (Viking black metal)
Dimmu Borgir (as a black metal fan I'm not allowed to say I like them, but I do. I fucking hate discussions about what's "true" and bullshit about being "sellout", they make great music.)

Make also sure you check out, Peter Beste has shot some of the most legendary black metal pics out there.

There you go... some Black metal

Monday, August 25, 2008

What the day turned into.

I'm not gonna bitch at all, I actually had a pretty good day.

The cafeteria at the university got really good, I had a teriyaki salmon dish for half the price of a big mac menu.
When I went to the gym I realized I had left behind my shoes trainers at home, so no gym.
And the car repair? Fuck it, I was too lazy, I had a slice of cake in stead.

Go and Check Renzo's blog, it's really fucking sexy and popular.


Lorenzo just popped by to let me know that he was alive. That was nice of him.

What will this day bring?

I feel like getting pissed of at something today, not sure of what though.
But don't you worry, I have deep bag to search in when it comes to stuff I can get pissed of at.

Just check out what I'm gonna do today and you will see that I'm easily gonna find something so horrible that it needs to be mentioned.

- I'm going to the University of Oslo to study. Not a bad thing at all, I'm even going with my sister's boyfriend Lorenzo, and he's a really nice guy.
The annoying thing is all the students there, they are a fucked up bunch of people. Well, not all of them of course, but a lot of them. Maybe even most of them? No, just some of them.

- I'm going to the gym... Yeah that's right, the gates of hell with heavy object waiting to be lifted.
Lazy heavy objects.

- I might have to talk to a mechanic to have my car fixed, it sounds like a rusty nail in a pencil sharpener every time I turn right.

This day has DISASTER written all over it. It's going to be interesting for sure..

Doesn't really look like I have that much to do today, maybe I'm just being a whiny little bitch. Well, I'm gonna study Method and Data Analysis and that is for sure a bitch. I study at a business school here in Oslo so I can do something useful in my off-season, even though it means studying subjects that are kinda far from being fun to study. Fuck.. there I go again, what a whiny bitch I am.

But the good thing though is that I managed to put in a lot of skating this weekend. Here are some crappy iPhone pics of me and my buddy Tom.

Tom jumping over a wheel with his skateboard while the sun is chasing him. ArggggghhH!! Global warming is getting me! Run!!!

Here Tom is jumping higher over the wheel. We are quite creative when it comes to skatespots, that wheel is not a standard part of the skatepark. We just put it there, yes I know, Rebels.

Oh I jump high on a skateboard! Ryan Sheckler watch out!

I met this dog at the skatepark the other day, it tried to steal my wallet. The dog is owned by an Olympic champion by the way, we're proud of him in Norway.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Redman is the shit.

Hail storm!

The weather started of really nice today. It was so nice that I was bummed that I had to spend some time inside.
After some necessary errands and lunch I sat down with a book while the thunder suddenly started raising hell outside.
"Now that is a weird thing on a bluebird day" I thought.
The sky was bright and blue, not a cloud in sight as far as I could see, but still thunder.
After a while the clouds came in and so did the rain. I like rain, rain is like the underdog of weather that is really necessary and still everyone hates it.
Leave rain alone! buhuu buhuuu!After a while I got tired of watching the rain doing it's magic to the lawn so I got back to my book.
It didn't take long before the sound of rain turned into something resembling the sound of a drive by. The rain had turned into hail and my grill outside made a pretty cool sound every time it got hit. Hail is pretty cool, it's like rain that's too cool for school. haha!
"Turning into rain as we fall down? Fuck that and fuck your rules man, I only follow my own rules" - Hail

I took some pictures of it, you can't really see how cool it was, but I choose to show you anyway.

Pouring down outside my door.

My snowboard went from being a wakeboard to snowboard again.

Sweet pow brah! I'll catch some sweet turns down that hill yo! shaka!

Every blog entry can't be interesting. Be happy with what I give you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

K2 got a new webpage

Touch the pic like the pic touched me, and check it out.

I'm back motherfuckers!

Well, I have definitely proven that I'm not good at daily updates, but then again, it's my blog and I'll do whatever the fuck I wanna do with it.
Damn.. I'm a power-hungry retard, I need to hang out with real people soon.

The other day I actually got a request by an anonymous reader, or secret admirer as I prefer to think.
Anonymous asked me if I could write about my favorite music and I can't really see any reason to why I shouldn't grant this stranger his/her (we should have a word for these situations, from now on the word is heris or maybe hisher, vote and decide) wish.

If this is completely new to you and you have absolutely no idea about who I am you might not now that I like rock music, but I do.
When I say rock music, I use the term as widely as Lemmy from Motörhead does. I love everything from 50/60's rock to Norwegian Black metal.
Usually music will end up in two different piles in my head, music I love and music I hate. I'm a bastard when it comes to music I don't like. I don't really know why I am like that but I usually hate music I don't like, not exactly a charming side about my personality but it's honest at least.

When it comes to my "Music I Love pile", it rooms quite a lot, probably more than people that knows me would think.
I have a couple of favorite bands all depending on time of year, mood, time of day and people around me. But there's a couple of bands that I always feel are among my favorites no matter what my surroundings are forcing me to listen to.

This is a list of some of those bands.

Guns N' Roses
I've been a fan since Freddie Five Finger's brother Espen introduced us to that sleazy sound when we were young kids. Appetite for Destruction is probably my all time favorite album and I basically love every single part of it. Did you know that the sex sounds on rocket queen is a real recording of Axl doing Steven Adler's girlfriend? Not a very nice thing to do to your friend and drummer.
I have heard the new shit that Axl is doing right now and I'm disappointed times infinity. That shit isn't even close to being Guns N Roses. Velvet Revolver is a better choice then, but still it's like being served spam when you're hoping for steak. Luckily they have fired that Weiland dude, I'm hoping for some kick ass new singer.

No reason to tell you why, they're just fucking brilliant.

Haha! Tricked you! You almost thougt I had poor music taste there huh? Of course I mean the early albums, the trash period. Kill Em All says it all, metal up your ass!

Black Sabbath
I have a big Sabbath poster in my bedroom. Every night and every morning I have the chance of looking Tommy Iommi in the eyes and get a little bit scared. Those guys made scary music even more scary, scary music is great.

The Beatles.
I've been raised on Beatles music and I love it. My dad means that they're the best band in the world. I don't exactly agree but they're absolutely one of my all time favorites.

this was fun..
I'll get back soon with more of my musical preferences, maybe look into my taste in 60's garage rock and psychedelic rock and Norwegian Black Metal? Quite different genres but I love it.. Oh! Darkthrone just started playing from my itunes, Darkthrone is a fucking awesome band in case you didn't know.

I also play rock'n'roll music but I'm better at posing for my computer cam.

I'm not left handed but my computer cam tends to think so. I don't really get it but it shoots everything with a mirror effect. That's my guitar by the way, it makes horrible sounds.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is hillarious.

Stupid people are funny..

Today I saw Fast Times at Ridgemont High for the first time. At the end of the film my buddy Fredrik sent me an sms and told me the had just seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High for the first time.... It's a 26 year old film and we see it for the first time at the same time.. Now that is pretty damn weird, strange and peculiar.
I don't think it's a coincidence, I think he's outside my window and checking out what I'm doing.
Maybe he gives me small hints, like a serial killer, that he's right outside so I will go and check..
But I'm not falling for that one, Mr Freddie Serial Killer Stalker!
Go home Freddie Five Finger.

It was a pretty cool film by the way

Featured on Snowplanet!

I got word from Claudia, the nice lady over at Snowplanet that they linked up my blog on their site.
That's so nice of them.
Snowplanet is a pretty damn cool Spanish mag. I can't read it but it always looks pretty damn good.

Check them out by pressing that Snowplanet magazine cover (haha! Transmundo Snowplaneting!)

Since the article is in Spanish I had to run it through a translation program on the net.. here you go:
(I guess the Spanish have a very special kind of language, or maybe Claudia was on drugs, who knows?)
" In times in which until the grandmothers they take control famous of his cyber-diaries, our pros could not less be. We begin section with blog more recent Damned Danny's Days, of the dicharachero rocanrolero Mr. Larsen. With a dark version of blogspot, very in his wave, Dani it speaks to us of barbie, ducks and rock'n' roll. Good, and of snowboard, I create…

“My taste young donkeys” Danny Larsen"

I find this extremely entertaining in case you haven't figured that out.

Introducing the "Things I do not like, the never-ending story" series.

I am completely aware how easily things fall into my "stuff I don't like" category.
Most of the stuff that ends up in that box deserves to be in that box and some don't. I am gonna try to list out stuff I don't like so I can clear my mind and focus more on the stuff I like, which I hope is a lot more than what I dislike.

First thing that gets the honor of being featured in "Things I do not like, the never-ending story" is:

Going to the Gym!

Yesterday I started my gym season.
As a pro-shred I prefer to prevent injuries, cause if you think about it for a while, injuries suck pretty much.
One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to make my body strong enough for all that stuff I put it through during the winter. So the reason why I go to the gym is quite clear and obvious.
But the bad thing about going to the gym is that it's so fucking boring!
Seriously horribly boring.
Yesterday when I went there, I had to argue with the staff just to schedule a session with one of the instructors so I could get some pointers on what and how to prepare myself best for the season. Isn't that one of the reasons why I pay them? Do I really pay them to move around heavy objects, fuck, I can do that for free at home.
After a while they realized that I found their offer quite hopeless and they gave me the session with an instructor for free.
I headed into the changing room and noticed that it had a really strange smell that only gyms have, I have no clue what it is but I definitely don't like it. It's kind of nasty man-sweat covered up with deodorant cleverly disguised by some unidentifiable washing liquid that they wash the locker rooms with.
After I got my running shoes on and put my Ipod on loud enough to drench out that horrible techno they keep playing, I got on one of those treadmills and started running. That leads me actually to the only enjoyable part of my work out, they have a bunch of TVs so I got to watch the Simpsons while running. Well I don't really run either, I basically stand on the same spot while the floor is trying to trick me into falling, god damn movable floor!!!

The rest of my workout session I lift or pull stuff up and down, sometimes sideways. It's seriously fucking ridiculous. Why the hell can't they make this a bit more enjoyable? Put in some video games, like Wii only way more efficient or something like that. Put the bikes in some sort of video game where you get to race the other guys in the gym.
Most people don't even exercise because they need to either, they do it because mankind has made surviving to easy. So now we had to strive to have it a bit more unpleasant cause we're getting everything too easy and that fuck up our looks.
So this one goes out to the gyms; If people have ended up in this situation they have done so because they like to enjoy themselves too much, so let us fucking do that in the gym too!

God damn I hate gyms.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My sister told me that I needed to update my blog every day to keep blog-readin people interested in it.
So here you go. Today's blog..

Yeah, I'm probably not gonna stick to that strategy, but thanks for the helpful tip sis!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Zac Marben is the shit.

Marben is fucking awesome.
His bat out of hell style is the way snowboarding should be, wild and creative, not practised and"perfect".
All you people who believe that you need to keep your arms down and be all G'ed up to look cool in the air, check this!

Loose goose!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

13th floor club introduced me to the Urges + ducks!

We have a pretty cool thing club-thingy here in Norway called 13th floor club Oslo. They make sure that people who enjoy 60's garage and psychedelic rock get their fix.
Yesterday they put The Urges from Ireland on stage. A brilliant band that I had never heard of before and I guess most of you haven't either.
"The toughest and coolest rock band from Ireland since Them" as I read somewhere on the
My brother and his friends are really into that kind of music so they brought me along, and I'm pretty damn happy they did.

The cool thing about that band, besides the music, was that they were a fucking dirty rock n roll band. They put on a show in stead of that boring "stand straight up and perform our music as spotless as possible"-crap many bands seems to favor since they wanna come of as a serious band that should be taken seriously by other musical fuck-ups that analyze music to see if it's good or not.
I guess that's what you do in a studio, but on stage you put on a show and let people see what kind of messed up individuals you are. That's exactly what these guys did.
I have never seen anyone throw a tambourine as violently as the singer of that band. When he was done with that tambourine, he was fucking done with that tambourine.

I took some pics too, see them here and then check out their myspace site afterwards.

All of this pics are taken with my phone, that's why they're crappy and don't show the vibe of the night, except for the blurriness which is exceptionally close to how I experienced the show too.


Another cool thing that's going on in mah hoodizzle is that a bunch of ducks have started to hang out in our backyard. We feed them bread so I guess they have understood that we enjoy their company and they should come back like they have done every day lately. My goal is to have them eat from my hand, no success so far but I will post eventual "Mission Accomplished!" blogs if the ducks let me. Ducks are funny.

First day they were only three ducks but I guess they told their other duck buddy about all the bread we were giving them, so now the duck trio is a duck quad? Duck Quado? Duck Quatro? uh..
Four ducks.

Take care, I'm making tapas today.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The state of my desktop

It's kinda messy.

That's Weird

--This was written last night, but the site wouldn't let me upload the much needed awesome shot--

I got my pens today and had my friend Fredrik over for dinner. We made some delicious burritos which Fredrik didn't really manage to wrap properly so he had to wash hands in between burritos.

After he left i sat down and draw skulls, monsters and daggers for a while while chatting with buddies on Skype. After I got tired of drawing all those skulls I decided to go to bed, and that's when I really noticed the artwork on my pillowcase.
I have been drawing skulls and listening to metal music all night, and now I'm gonna fall a sleep on a Barbie pillow?!

I have no idea how we got this pillowcase, but it's pretty cool and I know you want one too.

good night

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh oh oh Monday, oh oh oh.

Monday, not morning anymore but it sure feels like it.

I'm supposed to go the mall today to get some pens, problem is that I want to walk there and leave my car safely parked in the driveway, not causing any problems for mother earth just because of a small trip.
But as I woke up and looked outside I thought; "what the fuck, don't nature want to be saved?"
Outside it's drizzling.
Not the kind of rain where you put on a raincoat and stay dry, not the overcast where you just put on a hoodie and stay warm.
It's the kind of weather where you just put on a hoodie and get slightly wet and thus gettting really annoyed.

So it's 2.30 AM and I still haven't decided how to get there, I'm sure the car stays but the clothing option is what keeps me inside not getting a good start on my week. Damn it, 2.30?!
I feel like a homeless baby with no one to take care of me. I'm going to walk to the mall and get my pens and some food after I'm done posting this, in my leather jacket, that's a good compromise.

But first some coffee.

I haven't spent all of my day doing nothing.
I have also spent some of my day doing something.

Here's a picture of those somethings (except for eating and drinking coffee, which I do a lot.)

Oh! I have also managed to put a custom ring tone on my iPhone, thanks to Stian's helpful pointers. The choice fell on Fire (I am the god of hellfire) by Arthur Brown.


The more important news regarding my iPhone though is that it works.
I had a slight stupid-moment the other day, which fucked it up for a couple of days. When my computer politely asked if I wanted to update my iPhone, I answered yes by pushing a cursed button in the newly opened window.
After a while I realized that this was probably not the smartest move for my cracked iPhone. An iPhone that stays completely black is not as much fun as a iPhone that is now upgraded due to a combined hacking force by my buddy Widar and myself. The new update is pretty rad and I'm proud as a MF that I managed to fix it myself, even though "fix it myself" means "with some serious help from Widar". Takk Widar!

Alright... Pen time, just after I finish this coffee.