Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back from Zurich

Back home and alive, at least kind of.
Still feel like a hot bowl of porridge and that's not a great feeling in case you didn't have brain capacity enough to figure that one out. If that is the case, your head probably also feels like a bowl of porridge.

The contest wasn't exactly a great success for me, but then again, who cares? I'm not a contest rider and I have a magical way of fucking it up, usually it's the nerves that gets to me. But enough about that, contests gets too much attention anyway. Here's some nice pics from my weekend down in Switzerland. Kinda like "behind the scenes", fucking exclusive!

Andreas Wig decided that scraping his board in our room was a smart idea, he had a "yeah, yeah, whatever"- attitude to my suggestions of scraping outside of the hotel. Andreas doesn't even have a facebook account, people have to call him up instead of leaving comments on his funwall. What is this? The middle ages?!

Mikkel also decided that the carpet needed a good waxing. He also decided that it was a good idea to write I "heart" Pussy on his board. I agree, it's a good idea.

I was even on tv looking a lot like a homeless person.

Torstein looked a lot less like a homeless person.

This fabulous frog leg eater is Florent De Maria. He works at Method Mag and is a great guy. The reason why he has a black eye under progress is because I chucked a grape by the size of an golf ball at his cheese eating face.

Scotty Lago also got a black eye, but he had no clue how he got it, isn't that just fucking great? Getting a black eye and having absolutely no idea how it happened? The blood is from when he was skating through the hotel hallway in his boxers and crashed exactly where Mikkel did his waxing. Coincidence? I think not.

Finish management duo, happily holding around each other with a half-naked Scotty walking around in the back. Aleksi Litovaara is one of my shred heroes from back in the day, I was pretty stoked to meet him.

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