Thursday, October 23, 2008

Retardaustrianism here I come!

This White Russian is delicious, mmmmm.
It's packing time, and packing is something I hate doing without a drink.
Anyways, going down to Austria tomorrow to shred a little bit with K2.
Shredding is pretty fucking rad by the way, agree?
I'm so excited that K2 is arranging this thing called Kamp K2 where they invite a bunch of people to come shred and enjoy silly amounts of beer with us in Hintertux, Austria. Hintertux is rumoured to be really good right now and my fingers are crossed for lovely weather. Foggy snowboardparks is the new neon, bluebird is the new black.
Only thing is that I get really stupid when I travel to Austria, so we'll see if I manage to figure out how to blog down there. If there's no posts in a couple of days, it's because I got another case of Retardaustrianism.


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- Tore N. said...

H├ąper Retardaustrianism ikkje er smittsomt. HAHA!!