Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Folgefonna killed!

My buddy Mats just posted this rad movie on his blog-chaos called bloggematriale. It's some sort of collaboration between a bunch of dudes that speak weird dialects and all have connections to Session. You'll probably need a masters degree in fucked up Norwegian dialects to understand anything on their blog though, but they got nice pics and nice vids like this one I just stole from them, that's right bitches, all is fair in blog war!

Watch out for appearances by Mats Willasen, Stian Solberg, Lefso, Jon Sigve, Emil Fossheim, Inge Wiig, me a couple of times (including some badass night time bike riding) and a bunch of other guys having a great time at Folgefonna this summer. Nice vid!

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- Tore N. said...

Herlig shredd!! kjenner eg blir mer og mer sugen på å kjøre brett nå..