Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Before I start of, I'm not making fun of the holocaust.. that's just too damn harsh.. buuuuut:
Sorry, the interview I'm gonna tell you about is in Norwegian, all of you that don't know Norwegian, too bad bud...
Earlier today there was an interview with the sport president thingy of Norway. Lately there's been a big discussion whether we should apply for the winter Olympics in 2018 or not and she's been the one in focus as the decision-taker. She had to bring the bad news that it was a bit too expensive and we couldn't really afford it at the moment. As a result of that she's been getting truckloads of shit from everyone, including threats over sms..
In this interview she explains how hard the last week has been. She compares it with a standing up holocauster she tried in Toronto once, it goes up and down and.. wait... a what? A standing up Holocauster? What the hell?! No wonder she's having a hard week!

Check it out!


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Kristian said...

Wtf! Tove Paule har tydeligvis noen svin på skogen. Hun har noe gammelnazistisk over seg, så det kom strengt talt ikke som et sjokk, men dog.