Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gore drawings by French

Don't you just love to look at something and feel attracted in a really morbid way? Like staring at roadkill while saying "eeeewww, nasty, poke it some more!"

Well, let me introduce you to one of my favorite artist at the moment, FRENCH. That is a name by the way, not a nationality, or maybe it is? I have no clue actually, I just like his drawings and I'm pretty sure he's British.
I've been into his work some time before I knew I was. It took me a while before I made the connection between all those scary well-detailed artworks found on skate and snowboards, like Andreas Wiig's board. It was good to finally see that all of those drawings came from the same guy, and that he had a webpage where I could see more of his stuff.

Put on some music that make babies cry and go to his blog or webpage and check it all out.

This last one is great, everyone loves pulled out eyeballs. Make sure you get my version, it will soon be up for sale, I will let you know when.

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