Monday, October 6, 2008

This weekend.

This weekend I spent cleaning up our appartment. Rock N Fucking Roll!
But who the hell wants to hear about that? I promised my buddy Matt that I would let all of you know that I also spent some time at Ikea on Saturday, Matt got a weird sense of humor, he's British.

While at Ikea I was talking to Matt about having a coffee this week plus robbing vets (the animal kind, not the war kind). Those bastards have been taking a lot of Matt's money lately.
Besides that I got a new skate. Once again I had no clue about what size I prefer or anything like that, I went as always by graphics. First of all, this drawing of Ellington could easily have been a drawing of me, it got an upside-down crossish thing and it's a Appetite for Destruction tribute, best album ever... You just can't go wrong with this board.


Alessandro said...

The best board I've ever seen!

Fredrik said...

skulle du liksom laget en gnr-skull med mafiahatt?! ikke få meg til å le. du kunne til nød fått til en my little pony med freddie mercury antrekk, men tvilsomt også der om du hadde fått til med enn de ass-less'a chaps'a..