Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweden premiere, hell weekend part 2.

After setting Oslo on fire we got in the car 11 AM on Saturday and started our trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. First we picked up Jocki and Mike Lundmark (Nikki Sixx's younger brother I think) at Oslo central station and saw a still not quite sober Kalle Ohlson driving scared passed uniformed cops. On the way to Sweden we witnessed some rather hopeless and sketchy driving by Mr. Ohlson, but once again, if it makes us laugh it's OK.
The mood in the car definitely got better when Mike and I stopped at the border to Sweden (stuff in Sweden is a lot cheaper than in Norway) and got some beer. While Gro was driving and Jocki was sleeping, Mike and I started our own little car party.
After a while we got to Gothenburg, nearly crashed a hundred times thanks to Kalle's crazy GPS instructions (the GPS didn't take crap from anyone and did whatever it felt like with absolutely no respect for traffic rules). Thanks to an extremely sketchy u-turn we lost Kalle and had to find the Hotel ourselves, Gro did a great job not crashing in that crazy city.

We got to our hotel (oldest in Gothenburg by the way) and checked in, while Gro went for a nap I decided to visit my Danish friends, the Danish Dynamites, Peder and Peter, who decided to come up to Sweden and party with us. In case you're wondering, a no-smoking room doesn't mean that Dnish people won't smoke in their room, it just means that they spray some perfume in their room after they have smoked out of their windows for a couple of hours. After a nice pre-pre-party Gro showed up and was escorted gently into the mist by the Danish duo's Vodka. We teamed up with Kalle, Frida and her sister plus friend and headed over to Gamla Porten where Patrik Lundin had a special VIP party in our honor, we're basically like Paris Hilton in Gothenburg. We ate and we drank, more free booze was served and after a while Mike and infamous Swedish snowboard legend Cosse showed up, I think Mike won the party around 8 o'clock, how he was granted access to the bar no one knows.

Knowing what the free booze would do to me the next day I decided to flip the bottles of. Not very sophisticated or deep but it made me feel better.

After a while the place filled up and everyone had a great time. Then Hans Åhlund decided to grow some balls and asked his girlfriend Marie if she would marry him, and she said yes! So suddenly the whole party turned into a celebration for Hans and Marie, at least it did for me and everyone I remember talking too. Congratulations Hans and Marie!!

Other memorable things that happened:

-Someone stole Gro's Motörhead denim jacket, if it was you, then fuck you.
- The Danish Dynamites came in on a nicely shared second place after Mike with possibly Andreas Gidlund on third.

The Danes resting after a night of fun. I sneaked in to their room after they had fallen a sleep. Taking pictures of sleeping men makes you feel like a nasty pervert.

- Cosse decided to buy us all the shots in Gothenburg and my hangover truly thanks him for that, without those shots my hangover would probably not have lasted until Monday.
- I was the only one sober enough to get into the rock club we wanted to go to, I'm a great illusionist, Cosse and Mike are not great illusionists. Previously I have been thrown out of a rock bar in Gothenburg for headbanging together with Haugo. Rock bars in Gothenburg are weird.
- Cosse is gonna do a comeback this year.
- The Danish Dynamites managed to spend more money on McDonals than I spent on drinks. Next morning Peder found french fries in all of his pockets. Their night time snack included 5 servings of medium fries among other things.
- Jocki's room smelled like an explosion at a brewery 1 PM the next day.

Jocki's room also had an earthquake it looks like.

- The hotel staff thought the Danish room smelled pleasantly of perfume.
- Kalle and Gidlund started their road trip to Austria, check out Kalle's blog to read what they're up to. I know those guys, I know there's gonna be funny stories about sketchy situations in every post. (you can also see more pics from the party on that blog.)
It smells like trouble miles away. If you happen to be on the road somewhere between Gothenburg and Mayerhofen, watch out!

- We got back home safely after spending a nice day in Gothenburg sobering up to drive legally.

Thank you Patrik, thank you Sweden!

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kalle said...

at least I got to the hotel before you guys ;) hahaha