Friday, October 3, 2008

Time Zone drunken fun

I have already talked about this, but I just love the fact that when it's in the middle of the day here, It's coming home from the bar time over in the states. That is a great source to entertainment.
Here are some screenshots from a conversation I had with Björn and Basti that didn't make any sense at all. The only thing I remember they telling me was that they were in Portland, just had a premiere and that they had a lot of beers. It was funny as hell, maybe because they were both extremely happy and made no sense at all. The funniest part was that I didn't know that they were in the US so I thought they were having a midday drinking binge.. That would not be very typical for those two guys, good thing it was the normal kind of drinking which happens at night.

I told them "hey guys, I'm taking screenshots and you guys are giving me gold here". Björn's reply today was "Hey man, we should take snapshots in the bar"...Yes we should Björn, but it's a bit to late seeing that you left the bar some time ago, but good thinkimg! Sleep tight boys!

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Clau from S-pain said...

Just saw latest Method.TV. That's the real fucked-up Señor Larsen having the real drunken fun. Uahaha. (stop) HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, just saw it again.