Monday, October 13, 2008

Premiere in Oslo, city of Satan

ah... Finally the Weekend of unholy party obligation is over. We just had the two Scandinavian Pirate premieres in Norway and Sweden, and I'm tired. The premieres are always in the same weekend and you know you got to go all-in on both, no wimping out.
So we started of easy by celebrating the new collaboration t-shirt between Whiteout and Hunting lodge and pre-party with free wine at Hunting Lodge. After we managed to utter enough opinions about random stuff in the store that made no sense we decided to leave for the premiere itself. Together with Kalle Ohlson, Frida Vogler and Jon "teen lover", I had probably the slowest walk through Oslo in history. The Swedes had been a bit better than Jon and I at getting happy and dizzy earlier in the evening, so they slowed us down, but they were really funny at the same time so we didn't mind. Decided to have another pre-party at some bar where we met up with different people, including good ol' friends Tony and Tom and Florent and his lovely Lene. Also met and old friend of Jon that was doing some Uri Geller magic, bars and magicians is a match made in heaven.

After having a spoon bending session, he started to lift beer glasses with his thumb and index finger like this. It was magical.

Let's do a fast forward to the party where every one's drunk in one of the only bars in Norway where you can smoke, they have a big outside area which I think might be heated, not really sure but I wasn't cold so it might have been. Actually my memories from that night are all kind of unclear.

How I remember the party.

How it actually looks through the eye of a crappy iPhone cam.

The place filled up nicely after a while and Bård and Gaute played nice music for us. I remember that it wasn't gangsta, and that was of course disappointing but I still managed to shake my ass in a way that made most people uncomfortable. Session threw the party and was as usual damn good at distributing the infamous party shades, I got some red ones from Inge Wiig's private stash (or at least so he claims), which I lost 30 minutes later. Once again a victim of Freddie Five Finger Discount..
Cruise over to Bloggemateriale and look at their pics, Inge does not allow pictures of him to be taken unless he has either a cigarette or a beer in his hand at any point.
special, in-story information.
Blogge-materiale is without a doubt my favorite blog, even though the contributors made it painfully clear for me that I was a snipster Friday night, well well, I guess their right, they're the experts when it comes to spotting snipsters and skipsters. Fuck, I even got a blog, of course I'm a low-life snipster, I'm even wearing a rolled up beanie right now.
It's somewhat a tradition for the Oslo premiere of Pirate films to have technical problems with the actual screening. I think we managed to put it on with the right soundtrack the fifth time maybe. Luckily we had screens all over the place so we sent everyone up into the second floor bar where we had our screening. People seemed to like it a lot, and the only criticism was more of the "hey, why was that guy's part in double? Wow, this whole room is in double!" kind.
After the screening we had a much appreciated give-away toss. I gave some slippers to park shaper extraordinaire Emil Fossheim which he claimed saved his life later that evening. He was getting held up by some thugs when he decided to throw the slippers in one of the robbers face and got away. GOOD WORK EMIL! Back at the party Inge got the great idea of taking all the cover charge, splitting it up on three people with one rule to follow, everything was supposed to be spent in the bar that night. So we stood there with a pocket full of cash, buying drinks for everyone standing around, buying friends have reached a new high! Actually it was topped when Inge and I decided that it was even more big baller style to just hand out cash to random people, holy fuck we were big pimpin' that night.

Inge and Jocki ready to buy friendship.

The party was a complete drunken chaos from start to end and the DJs managed to squeeze in one request before we had to give up, Slayer! It all went down with a heavy headbanging session where Haugo got into trouble with the bouncers for spitting all over the place and throwing chairs and tables across the room. "Oh yes, I can see that was not a good idea" was his reply to the pissed of 2 meter high bouncer.
Got home at 4 in the morning, all thanks to Tanny who drove me and Widar back home, good thing, because we left for Gothenburg in Sweden for the next premiere 7 hours later, with my girl Gro behind the wheels.
Thank you Petter, Inge, Pirates, Bård, Gaute and Session(!) for a mayhem of a party, I'm already looking forward to next year!

some more pics:

Ole, Roger'n and Peik didn't make much sense all night, but I've been hired as Ole's personal trainer. Roger had me in a headlock for quite some time and Peik received a lot of my drinking money, I have never seen so many beers dropped to the floor by the same guy.

When we went out of the bar, this guy showed up with a girl in a trashcan. It's the sexual equivalent to boil-in-bag rice.

I just found out that the winner of the night was mr Karl-Heniz Auer from Whiteout! After coming home from the party he decided to make a Nutella (chocolate-spread) sandwich. After he failed to sink his teeth into the bread he found out that instead of using bread for his sandwich, he managed to spread Nutella over a tupperware-box top.. That must be some kind of record when it comes to partying.

Calle's late night snack.


brrd said...

Vi er alle snipstere/skipstere, og det trenger ikke være negativt.

takk for fin kveld og fin hype!


Danny Larsen said...

Enig Bård, med tanke på de mange alternativer der ute så er vel dette ikke så ille.