Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some photos

I love Holga.
I'll see if I can't get some other analog camera to work too, they are really nice, and getting one of those badass big digi cams are a bit too expensive.
Here are some Holga pics I took this winter/spring.

Peter Lundström, Austria, awesome.

Different pictures of Tyler and Gigi. Tyler got a yellow jacket, Gigi got red or black one.
Only pic where they're not together is the upper left one, that's because Tyler is sitting next to me, I think it is a part of his backpack you can see in the lower right corner.

Hans Ã…hlund happy in Las Vegas. He won 100 bucks right after I shot this.

My Team Manager Kevin Winkel does NOT like trespassers.

Pigeons humping.

Gro in NY, that famous building in the back looks like it's about to fall over.

I bought some pointy shoes here.

Kalle doesn't look that good in this picture, but it's still my favorite. He had a bad cold and was truly dependent on that nose spray to be able to breath. He is not a desperate junkie trying to get some glue in to his system, it just really looks like it.

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LK said...

Holga er sleggefett!