Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogging from an appartment in Norway

Recently it became obvious to me that running a blog must be way easier when stuff is actually happening. I'm sitting in my apartment trying to figure out what in the hell I can update my blog with. Imagine how much easier this could be if interesting stuff happened all the time and I could tell you about that. I guess gossip would be the most popular news, people love gossip. I might start up some fake gossip section on this blog to make it more entertaining. Snowboard mags always asks me and a bunch of other guys if we have news and gossip for the their mags, and usually I don't. That's why lying is way more fun. "Got no news? Make some up!"

I'll start to lie more, come to think of it, I'll probably increase my swearing too.

It's just reported from Hollywood that Denzel Washington was refused entry to a night club Friday night when he was thought to be another bar patron. "Sorry Danny Larsen, you're not welcome here anymore, last time we caught you setting fire to a couch, with people still in it".
Even though Mr. Washington tried helplessly to explain that he wasn't this "Danny Larsen", the bouncers wouldn't listen and entry was denied.
"Take your torching somewhere else Mr. Larsen" was the last words uttered and Mr. Washington had to leave accompanied by two juiced up bouncers ready to handle any problem that might occur with unnecessary force.

Waaaaaaaay more interesting than telling you about my gray and rainy reality up here in Norwegiana.

Ps... I can't stand the new Metallica song, that was not a lie, it's fucking crap. That's what happens when old men sit down and start of a song writing session with "soooooooo, what do kids listen to these days?"

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