Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interview with Ludschi

I felt like interviewing people for my blog, and my buddy over at Pirate Movie Production came straight to mind. He's an artistic soul and got his strong opinions.
Characteristics that are pretty important to get an interview on Damned Danny's Days.. I don't interview whoever happens to be ready to answer questions, it's a fucking exclusive club Ludschi is the first member of.

I know who you are, but could you shortly introduce yourself?

- My name is Ludschi and I'm 27 years old.

Wow. Short and precise.

- Haha, that's who I am.

That's true, what do you do then? Give me an answer so people reading this understand why I chose you for my first interview.

- What do I do? I'm a multi-tasking maniac, trying to push our force of hungry pirates.
There's too many job titles... But as you said earlier, I'm the Pirates artDiggtator

I called you the Pirates ArtDictator because Dictator is way cooler than Director. Diggtator, what the hell is that?

- That's someone who is in the lead of Digging, if it's the work word or the bigUp word, if you know what I mean.

Not really.

- I try to motivate people with the right mission, digg their work and push it as hard as I can... The digging is more about the work that people don't like so much. Everybody got to do it. In our big project there is also jobs to do that are not as easy in the first place.
Talking strange again, sorry.

That was deep. Did you dig yourself that deep? (Wow! What a lame joke!)
You're also into art yourself, both illustration and photography, can you give me some poetic response to that statement too?

- That I'm in deep or that I do that art stuff too?

The art stuff, you have already given us a glimpse of the deep part.

- These 2 passions have been a part of my life for more than 10 years now. They came up in the same period of my life. I tried to stick to both of them, but had hard times as well where I couldn't express my ideas with photography and illustrations. Maybe because I got ripped over too many times. Now I'm super happy that people digg my stuff too.

Yeah, you're pretty damn good with both illustrations and photography, you got that nice personal touch on both things.

- Thanks dude.

You're more than welcome Sir. Why do you prefer to shoot analog by the way?

- Because it has more passion in it. And Digital photography is no art.

No art? Bold statement, but I like that, to hell with answers that offends no one.

- Digi can be fun sometimes, but when it comes to making the picture look good, you got to let the computer think for you and wait for cables and printers to spit your data out, onto a paper, that might look crap, coz it doesn't fit to the printers preferences, and so on. With analog it's straight burned in a material, where you straight have a beautiful picture that looks better than reality.

"A beautiful picture that looks better than reality", that was definitely the poetic answer I was looking for.
While we're expressing our strong opinions, what is it that you dislike most about snowboarding these days?

-What i dislike most? Hard one, where should I start? I think I'll stick with these two words:
Watching robots doing contests.

You just keep on giving me gold her Mr. Ludschi. Please explain.

- Hahaha!
I just got too much attitude to keep quite I guess

And that's why I wanted to interview you. Wait.. I'm copy/pasting your answers into my blog.

- finito?

No, you're not off the hook quite yet. What is it that you like most about being in the snowboard scene, what keeps you there?

- The only thing keeping me in this scene is the PiratesProject, where I have my freedom to do and say whatever I want and helping others to improve with their skills. The multitasking also keeps me motivated...
Being able to brainstorm in various directions, like analogAnimations, SnowboardPhotography, the combinations of talented people, new projects etc. and straight working on them. We have such a good community, always growing, nice people with a good heart..
I guess I would never leave this family by choice.


I think I got more than I was hoping for here. Some last words you wanna spread?

- Thanks to my family and all the pirates.

And thank you Ludschi.

Ludschi in China I think. Pirate filmer Schnipfel (yeah, it's a crazy name) in the background.

Check out Ludschi's stuff at (like a typical photographer he got a "coming soon" notification on his site, haha, but there's links to some of his other projects and blogs too, check it out!)

Here's some of Ludschi's artwork, click them to make them bigger.

Analog shot of me from Montana, it's digital now though.

This piece is called "Bush The Limit" not sure why, it's pretty funny though.

This one is called CookeSucker.. It's pics from a Town called Cooke city, I think that's why it's called CookeSucker.

Here's a collaboration Ludschi and I did. It was pretty fun. Drawings by Ludschi and me in there.

We wanted to call our film ThunderFart this year, but due to some different opinions on that matter we went with Overseas in stead. It all started from this drawing Ludschi did in his sketch book. I still think ThunderFart is an awesome name and word.

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