Monday, September 1, 2008

Dead Trooper

Saturday evening I went to see Dead Trooper live in Oslo.
I had such a good time there that writing a blog about it on Sunday proved to be a bit challenging.
Well enough about that, I rather want to tell you about the concert.

Dead trooper put on a bad ass show with only half of their members. While two of the guys was in Bergen at Hole In the Sky festival, Birger and Morten got help from Mads (Zeenon) on drums and Tor (1349).

I don't really know what to write about this show, it was just fucking great. They played a bunch of new songs and it sounded like Dead Trooper just got better. Yeah like I already told you, I don't really know what more to write, you should just go and check out Dead Trooper's page (new site coming up soon). Feel bad that you weren't there, you missed out.

Here's some shaky pics from my phone.

Birger, guitar motherfucking hero. Check that power stand, he fucking owns everyone in the hall and he knows it.

Morten looks like a pissed off Orc.

I think this is from the double guitar solo on reaping of your cries, not sure though.

Nope, not pyrotechnics, just awesomeness.

Tor and Morten, Morten is probably screaming.

Here he's chanting We're number 1, we're number one! While the dude in the audience goes, two! two!Two! It got really messy when the guy in the audience poked Morten in the eyes, it happened about 3 secs after I took this pic. Blood and eye juice all over the place.. yuk.

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