Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pirates world Premiere coming up!

I'll be heading down to Innsbruck in Austria on Saturday day to attend the world premiere of our brand new film Overseas. It's always shitloads of fun and I'm really excited about going down again. Eirik Haugo and I will meet up with Kalle-O at the Munich airport around noon and hopefully start the mayhem already there, I know Haugo is a badass at celebration starting earlier than what is considered healthy.

Main editing dudes Cepten(a great German variation of the distinction Captain) and Basti have been stuck the last weeks in Prague doing the final touch ups and color correcting of the flick and have reported that the film is looking sick. You know you are eating cherries with the big ballers when you need to go to the beer capital of the world to make your colors a bit more vivid.

In addition to first time screening of the finished product there will also be concerts with long time Pirate friends, I-shine (the guys behind the custom made Overseas song in our teaser) and Trouble Andrew, You know, Trevor Andrew's musical project (no idea what kind of music it is, kinda electronical indie pop punk with international sprinkles? I have no fucking clue what to call it to be honest). Sweet, music and party, together with other DJs, Bob will play music more of my liking, Bob is cool, he is also known as Schnipfel (I just love that name, a 10.0 on the strange-o-meter). Bob's real name is Stefan.

So if you got the chance, be there, it's always a blast. If you see me, hit me up and we'll have a beer together!

Here's the teaser again for those of you that need a reminder to why you should come.

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- Tore N. said...

Hallo Danny!
Har blitt en "daily reader" av din blog av ren kjedsomhet rett og slett. Må sei du har mye funny stuff å komme med, likte spesielt godt "grim reaper"-tegningen din. Den var rå!! Keep up the good work!!
Kjedsomhet?? Føl deg fri til å besøke min blogg som eg òg forhåpentlig kan fylle med noe kult etterkvert når eg kjede meg.
Fortell meg hvor og når "overseas" kommer ut, teaseren was a real tease!!