Sunday, September 21, 2008

A crazy week in Austria

Just got back from Austria, pretty hectic week but a lot of fun!

Holy crap Austrians put on crazy parties, my entire body is happy that I'm finally home and far away from cheap or even worse, free alcohol. As I already mentioned we just started the world premiere tour of Overseas and did our two first stops this week. If you want to read more about it I suggest you cruise over to , or . We also got to see some fun stuff while hanging out in Innsbruck. Like this outdoor billboard of some right-wing dude that isn't too popular, that is actually a big chunk of shit with toilet paper hanging from it.

Notice the nice touch on the bottom of the toilet paper, they got shit there too. Let me just make sure that you know that this is not inside on a toilet or anything like that, it's outside, in the middle of Innsbruck. Austrians are crazy.

Kalle and I also managed to go shredding for the first time this season, I consider this the beginning of the season since all of my shred-gear have been stored away for the summer, which definitely means that the season is over. Before trying to find my stuff I decided to clean up in our storage room and found a lot more than I was expecting. Here's a photo of some of the K2 boards that have been chucked in there after having a bit too many encounters with rocks.

I like to keep my trashed boards, they look great, have to come up with a plan to display them.
There's also one without graphics in there, my team manager gave me one to paint on, never got around to do it though, I'll do it soon, maybe.

But anyways, we got to shred, that's the important part. Kalle and I went up to Hintertux in Austria with to film for their next episode and to have some fun. The crazy thing was that we actually had fresh snow up there and the conditions were amazing. I never thought we could have so good conditions this early.

Look, Kalle is so stoked that he tried to make me his bitch, it didn't work.

Does anyone remember the song "Shiny, Happy People" by R.E.M? They were singing about us.
Kalle, Prendi, Me and Mikke as we call him. Those dudes with cams (Mikke is hiding his) are filming for

The first day we were up there we just cruised around the glaciers, finding bumps to ollie off and try to get in tricks wherever we could. That's what snowboarding always has been about for me, I grew up in a hill where we weren't allowed to have jumps, so we would just do tricks on all the icy rollers, ahhhh... Nostalgia used to be so much better in the good ol' days.
Anyway, we had bluebird and fresh snow resembling powder, not bad for mid September.

The next day we went up, we were in even more luck. They had just finished the park and due to some clouds we were only 4 snowboarders riding the park. The crazy part though was that even if the whole mountain was covered in clouds, the park always had sunshine. It was really weird actually, you could hardly see shit going up the lift, but as soon as you found your way to the park it was clear and sunny. I'll let you know when comes out with that episode so you can see how much fun we had. Be jealous, it's ok, because we truly had a better time than you unless you are Marko Grilc or Stefan Gimpl. Here's a quiz, guess who the two other guys riding the park were.

Here's what Kalle thinks of our day, thumb up and peace! He one ups the Japanese!

I'm just supla coor haldco shiny happy, snowboald styre!

On the way up to Hintertux we passed this hotel, I love their honesty but I'm not so sure it's the smartest marketing stunt. I'm quite positive I'll never stay at a hotel with a name like that.

I would like to end this post by saying thanks to the joined forces that made my travel back home possible. After a great party in Dornbirn, I gathered my bags and headed for the train station. Turned out that even though Dornbirn is only 2 hours away from Munich, the train ride was approximately 6 hours, and that was if the connecting trains in fact did connect, which they probably wouldn't. So my only chance of getting home was to get a ride to the airport. Unfortunately everyone was still kinda drunk and couldn't give me a ride. Everyone was trying to come up with creative ideas to how I could get to Munich in time and I truly, truly appreciate all the effort people put into it. After a while, Bags (not the stuff you put stuff in, the dude Bags) managed to find a friend who had a sober brother who saw no problem in giving me a ride to Munich. So Rudolph showed up in an awesome silver Audi quatro, which he magically managed to squeeze my boardbag in to and made sure I checked in with good time. This one goes out to everyone who might have the chance to hang out with this dude, do it. Rudolph from Dornbirn (didn't catch his last name) is fucking awesome.

Here's a pic from inside the car, 180 km/h , that's how you get to Munich really fast.

I found this pic on my phone too, this dude asked me to sign his head, which I did, even put in some love it looks like.

This guy is probably the biggest PMP fan in the world, he got a pirate logo tattoo, made specially for the occasion, talk about dedication!

Here's some of the 900 paying customers that showed up for our premiere in Dornbirn, it was also really easy to sneak in for free, so I guess it was a lot more than a 900 there.. I put my finger in the shot because I didn't like the people up in the right corner.

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