Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random stuff that comes to mind.

I have nothing to write about today.
But still I write.
It's a mystery why I write when I don't have anything to write about.

Q: What's an English word spelled with 5 letters that might as well be spelled with just one?
Answer at the bottom of all of this crap.

It's Basti Balser's birthday today, send him a happy birthday message.

Check out this dude, Christian Brecheis, I'm gonna shoot some photos with him in Zurich this weekend, good photographer, good dude, good chilli-planter..

I went to the gym today, still hate it more than having sharp pencils rammed up under my eyelids.

I got inspired by herr Brecheis' Chilli planting and decided to plant one of those fuckers myself. Plants need to grow faster to make it interesting, I'm growing bamboo next time, they grow damn fast.

I haven't watched a single episode of Trailer park boys today, I guess that's gonna change in a matter of minutess.

Still enjoying not being handed free or cheap alcohol, that's gonna change this weekend when I'm going down for the in Switzerland.

I want a dog.

I want a tattoo.

Queue (that's english for a line if you happen to be American.)

1 comment:

Christian said...

thanks for the link!
Good luck with the Chillis!
I want a dog to, but my landlord is a gaylord