Monday, September 22, 2008

Problem with Prostitution

Yesterday I stumbled over a problem I never hope will be a real issue for me, but anyways it was a fun thought.
Imagine that two prostitutes decide to have sex with each other. How the hell do they do it with the payment? Is it the prostitute that charges the most that will receive the difference between what they charge? I guess it's all depending on wether they're doing it on their private time or their pimp consider them to be working. Cause to be honest, the line is extremely fine between working and just having sex when you're a prostitue.
The real problem, well opportunity I guess, would be if some dude decide to hook up with a hooker and let her now after they're done that he's also a prostitute and charges about twice as much as she does. Does the lady with the prostitution experience (fancy way of saying hooker) now have to pay the man she thought was a customer but in stead turned out to be a sneaky seller? I mean, I guess I have revolutionized the pimping industry here, but I'm not familiar with pay-sex ethics.
My girlfriend came up with a really funny but not very helpful suggestion to the problem which I can't really remember right now. I just remember that she was really wondering how the hell I came up with that problem, I guess I'm wondering about that too.
This is giving me a headache, if some of you have some different ideas please let me know. If you happen to actually have experience with this issue your input is even more welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Den som først byr seg fram er den som mottar betaling, uansett hvordan yrke noen av de involverte måtte ha. Dette er regelen, noe som kan illustreres gjennom følgende scenario: dersom du, Danny, med yrke snowboarder, sniker deg opp til en prostituert, og tilbyr denne sex FØR hun/han rekker å tilby deg det samme, ja da er det den prostituerte som må betale - til en pris du har fastsatt selvfølgelig.
Dette er et snedig triks, og en OK måte å ordne litt kronarser utenom snowboardsesongen.

Glad for å kunne hjelpe, hilsen Brynjar fra Kolsås.